Art Center

Art Center College of Design in the early 80’s. I am guessing that this slice of life was literally an era for all of us who attended, including our loved ones who stood by our side to help us through it all.

I had not originally intended to have an Art Center tab but it was after I remembered a memory that I wanted to write about that occurred while with a friend. Once I started thinking about this memory, many more arose in my thoughts. And then more, and more…they kept popping into my head. I realized at this point that I needed to create and dedicate a Heading with sub-stories all related to my years at Art Center College of Design, the National premier private college for art and design located in Pasadena, California.

Even as I wrote the past two paragraphs just now, I paused to jot down memories that I want to write about. There will be MANY that will be posted over time within this page.

There is SO much to write about. But for now, let me whet your reading appetite..

-Pumpkin Cutting Parties

-The Art Center House

-The Alleyway

-Oreo Cookies

-Itty Bitty and Kitty Witty

-All Nighter’s

-Asleep at the Wheel (Almost)

-Betsy, the Volvo

-Glamour Puss


-Beverly Hills Party

-Champagne Lunch at the Rose Bowl

-Frisbee in the Sprinklers

-High Velocity Fan

-Chuck Wagon

-Drinking Salsa

-Just Put a Band-Aid On It

-Jetta, the Crotch Dog

-Not a Dime’s Worth


-North Beach Leather

There will be SO much more! Stay tuned…