We had a good night last night after a twice challenging day of nosebleeds. Sometimes they are somewhat minimal, and sometimes they are not. Bonnie doesn’t seem to let it bother her other than it being a nuisance of blood that she needs to clean up.

Bonnie’s nosebleeds began about three weeks ago just out of the blue. She had just come from surgery to remove a growth on her paw about a week before that, and now we are faced with a new challenge. At first I thought the bleeding was due to irritation from her sometimes incessant ‘dust-busting’. Dust-busting is the term Irene and I use when the dogs are working overtime to ‘clean things up’. But that didn’t seem to be the case anymore once the bleeding was occurring daily.

After our vet visit, we were faced with the possible diagnosis of nasal cavity cancer. But after the results from a biopsy came back, the cancer results were negative. However if we were to truly find out what the issue was, and still possibly cancer, Bonnie would need to get a CT scan.

A few more days passed until we could secure that appointment and again, no sign of cancer. Bonnie was given new meds, and now we ‘wait and see’ if we can get all this cleared up for her. Nighttimes are restless for us because we want to make sure there are no bleeding issues. Bonnie was blessed this week with four complete days of no nose bleeds, but now she has had two consecutive days with periodic bleeding. It’s all so very puzzling.

Aside from the periodic nose bleeds, one wouldn’t know that Bonnie is not 100%. She is alert, has a regular appetite, wants to play and eat grass, and enjoys her sleeping time.

Untouchable we are not. Blessed we are. The waking days we have with those we love are forever priceless. Hold on to them.