Sky 10/12/19

This image was actually taken on May 25, 2016 but I stumbled upon it today and thought to post it because it reminded me of our season’s changing skies.

Where I live, the weather is quite moderate for most of the year, and rain is not always plentiful. However, when it does rain and the skies are in transition, the sight is amazing.

If you have ever felt like or wished that you could fly, this image will speak to you. It’s pretty incredible how our minds will allow us to feel what we believe to perceive. When I looked up into the sky on this day, I did not have the same euphoric feeling that I had when I saw the image on screen. Of course the actual physical view is always the best, but it’s amazing how an image can allow you to soar figuratively and almost literally.

When I look at this image, I can feel the sensation of flying amongst the clouds and through the sky. Allow yourself to experience where imagination can take you.