Not sure why but I have been having a number of dreams in which I am at a large hotel with many floors. I don’t think that I’ve ever been to the same hotel twice, it’s always different. The dreams always involve elevator rides to the different floors. There is also a key, or keys that come into play. Sometimes, these hotel keys are actual metal keys and sometimes they are the credit card type.

In these dreams I see people that I know and there is much conversation. There is also a lot of highly imaginative aspects to what I see and experience.

Last night I went to one floor because I wanted to make a purchase at some business counter located in the middle of nowhere. I had previously been on that floor and was relaxing in an area similar to a restaurant lounge. All of the seating furniture was a dark comfortable leather. I had left a couple items on the small table where I was previously seated. At the time I decided to purchase only one of the two items, a tiny book measuring about 1 inch by 3/4 inch.

As I walked to the lounge area I passed through what seemed to be a convention of some sorts filled with creative machines and devices for sale. The entire area was well lit and there were many people walking about. There were center floor displays highlighting massive new paper cutting machinery that essentially created spirals of colored paper in bulk. While this may seem like nothing novel, it was because the paper spirals pretty much ‘morphed into being’ within seconds. These were the machines that large companies would buy as there didn’t seem to be any personal household use for such a machine.

I stopped at a smaller display where there were a number of people standing around captivated by the novelty gadget on the ‘try me’ table. The item was a three-dimensional paper origami design that depending on which orientation it was held, the item size would become larger or smaller. There was no apparent use for the item other than its coolness factor, which was good enough for me. I contemplated on making the purchase however because I was worried that it would easily become crushed in my travels. So I decided against the purchase.

Once I arrived to the lounge area, I picked up the tiny book from the table and took it to the checkout counter. It was there I noticed this tiny book had a price tag of $30.00. I don’t think so, but I continued to stand at the counter waiting to make the purchase. I don’t recall the title of the book but I do know that I wanted to have it.

While waiting at the counter a teacher past colleague of mine, Jamie, walked up as if she was going to complete the transaction for me, as if that was where she worked. But seeing here there was not an anomaly in the dream. We chatted a bit, just as we always had when I was at a different school where she currently teachers. Two other people that I know walked up during my conversation with Jamie and the three of them apparently knew one another. One is a veterinarian where we take our dogs for care, and the other is a friend of my sister-in-law whom I have seen maybe ten times in my life at family gatherings. She’s not part of the family, just a good friend of my wife’s sister and extended family. The friendly union puzzled me more than anything because even after I awoke, I couldn’t place who that third person was.

There is a lot more detail and descriptions that I would like to add, so this essay may grow over time. Stay tuned…