Dear Lucy,

It’s time.  I have never liked to say goodbye.  Goodbye implies such finality, and it leaves an empty space in my heart and in my mind, that will most surely be missed.  My alternative salutation has always been ‘See you later.’  This way, there is no conveyed finality, no closure to a conversation or personal meeting in which I have taken part.  Typically the message in a goodbye letter is generally sad, but I don’t like to be sad.

This letter is different however because it is a goodbye letter, of sorts, and it is directed squarely at you.  The goodbye aspect of this letter is bittersweet.  The bitter part references everything bad you have done for, and to me.  Sure you had a lot to offer, but your offerings turned out to be all lies.  While I could see myself as the fool in this relationship, that would be as insane as the empty promises of yours that I once believed.

I’m tired of being the ‘Charlie Brown’ running toward a football that you promise to hold firmly in place this time.  ‘This time’ never transpired.

Oh, I know I’m not the only one who noticed your conniving ways.  Everyone noticed, and they tried for some time to tell me what was going on.  Your secret ploy is out, and I have no problem letting everyone I know all the dangers you put me in, the lies you told me, the false sense of super-powers you gave me.  I believed you and your promises for quite some time, until I could do so no more.  I am tired of covering for you, and for taking a beating while you just quietly sit there, waiting for my reach.

I am learning to listen, and take the advice of those around me, those who know the deal, those who have lived the life of your false promises.

This is it.  I’m not even going to say ‘see you later’.  There are no apologies on my end, no regrets, not even a goodbye.  You’re done.  Go.