The Yacht

I had a dream the other night that involved Irene and me purchasing a very large boat. So large it was that I guess it was actually called a small yacht. During much of the dream we were trailering the yacht with my truck and for me this was quite nerve racking. Too big for my liking to trailer but it was what it was and there was no turning back. We figured we could invite family and friends for an outing from time to time.

We ended up trailering the boat to a lake somewhere and once parked, we needed to head into the ‘office’ which was more of a yacht sales office. Weird. We only waited a short time before a sales duo walked out to Irene and I and asked that we follow them to their office for the introduction and handoff. Apparently purchasing something that extravagant called for a personalized walk-through as the ‘keys were handed over’ to the new owner.

This entire sales office was on prime real estate as we learned because it was lakeside, literally on the shore of the lake. There was one large door that when opened, if the lake were any higher, water would flood the office. The sales office we were led to was located on the second floor, and getting there was a challenge in itself because we had to scale floor that was angled at about 45 degrees. There was no ‘walking’ on that floor, one had to lay down and shimmy up to a point where a structural pole was standing. Once up to the pole, we had to grab on to it and pull ourselves up to the level floor where the individual sales office for our sales peeps was located.

We apparently need tutoring for all the boat’s amenities, and all along I’m sitting there aghast in the amount of money all this appears to be. What was I thinking? After the very basics were reviewed with us, it was now time to embark on our first outing.

The back wall glided away, the two side walls glided away, part of the the floor dropped and we soon found ourselves on the uppermost deck of the boat. We had been there all along only we did not know it because everything was ‘disguised’ as the individual sales office. No wonder it was such an adventure to get to this floor.

Our boat was already in the water and ready to ‘set sail’. I guess that’s the term, although this was not a sail boat. It was a small yacht. Not sure who was navigating the yacht, but we were now touring an exclusive medium-sized lake with other medium-sized boats and yachts. The day was spectacular and there was quite a breeze but the sun was out and everything felt good. I saw other yachts float on by and wondered all along how we now fit into this category of wealth. Or did we really , I don’t know.

During our outing the boat would yaw (angle) this way and that depending on our speed and degree of turn. Then it happened. The boat was making a swift turn right and while it was doing so it yawed greatly to one side. We were told there was no fear of capsizing with this yaw degree, but it still turned my stomach. Not so much of the yaw itself, but what I was now able to see.

I was faced with a perfect view of the waters depths which housed green moss, a lot of it. My head spun. At that point, all I could imagine was, like iron flecks to a magnet, I would somehow ultimately be drawn into the water and surrounded by this moss. I was no longer having a good time and in complete internal panic.

Of course I was the only one in fear as everyone else was having a great time. Me, I was paralyzed in fear over the impending finish.

We continued to navigate for some time and the time was getting close to dusk. Whoever was navigating the yacht was taking us through some type of marine obstacle course which did noting but increase my fear of being on this huge thing. How would I ever be able to do this?, I wondered.

Time came close to the mooring process and I didn’t want any part of it, but knew I needed to learn this stuff. We never actually reached that point because my dream had fortunately ended but thankfully I never ended up in the water as it seems I always do at some point in these dreams.