I have MANY of what I call ‘green mossy lake’ dreams in my lifetime due to a real experience that I wrote about some time ago titled Green Mossy Lake. I just added an essay titled Green Pool, found under the Green tab. It is a dream recall, but because it is part of a series of dreams I’ve had throughout my life, it is best housed under Green.

Woulda, Should, Coulda

I think that often we do not follow through with something because we are afraid of failure. It could be a task, a job, self-help, anything. What if I don’t do it right? What if it takes me too long a time to accomplish? What if I complete the project and I am dissatisfied with its result?

We often worry ourselves into submission and then conclude for whatever reason that perhaps the ‘timing just wasn’t right’.

The clock keeps ticking. Our physical existence follows the rules of linear time. There is no reversal of time. There is no true ‘do-over’. Yes, we can ‘do-again’, if there is still time left.

Placing ourselves in the ‘woulda-shoulda-coulda’ boat is placing ourselves in the boat of regret. We are better than that. Time is the one thing that permits us, allows us, the opportunity to do what we want to do, say what we need to say, act in the manner we wish to be. Time. If it wasn’t available, we’d be up the creek without a paddle.

Use available time as effectively as possible, and regret will be a lone passenger.


I have written before about how often I dream, nightly. I have so many dreams that my list of dreams to write about just keeps growing. If only there were more than 24 hours in the day 🙂

The night before last I had another flying dream, those are always so amazing. One of the dreams I had last night solved an at-home technical issue that I have been trying to solve for already a few days. The problem may sound silly, but here goes…

Bonnie, our golden retriever (brother Clyde of course) does not like when my wife and I watch tennis on television. I’m not sure exactly what sounds she doesn’t like about it, but tennis ‘sounds’ greatly agitate her. There is no leaving the volume low and it will be ok, because it won’t. She could be in a deep sleep and if we start watching tennis on tv, she immediately wakes-up, breathes heavily, and wants to climb up on the couch. She is clearly disturbed by tennis.

So how do we enjoy watching tennis on television? Earbuds!..but it’s not that simple because our television, although only about 2 years old, does not pick up a Bluetooth signal from the earbuds, because the earbuds are device-only buds.

Yesterday I tried mirroring my device to the tv while my earbuds were connected to the device. Only thing is that either the mirror and sound would work but both on the tv only. Audio was cut from my earbuds because I was now mirroring to the tv. When I tried to reconnect my earbuds, the mirrored visual signal was cut and went back to my device. Strike two and three.

The dream I had last night solved the issue. We can watch tennis on the tv, and mute the sound. Then, we can also ‘watch’ the same broadcast on our device and simply use our earbuds for device sound. While this solution isn’t perfect, it will work! It was very cool to wake-up this morning with a ready-made solution to this technical issue. All I had to do was get a good night’s rest.

So Much Going On

I wish we all had a crystal ball…or maybe not. I have often wondered if we were aware of outcomes to certain situations, would we react/behave any differently? And if foresight did cause us to behave or react differently, how would we proceed going forward?

I remember writing a post of how I perceived the Covid-19 crisis. Wondering if our time at-home would cause us to better reflect on who we were, and how we live our lives. And then last week with the events of George Floyd’s murder and the resulting protests and violence, I think our time of reflection has now been exponentially magnified.

Who are we? What do we do with opportunities presented to us, and how do we respond to human rights entitled to all? Our insightful questions of reflection should include this…What would Jesus do?

Fall in Late Spring

The weather is always interesting. When I was a kid, one could pretty much be sure that weather patterns would follow the general ‘norms’ of what one could expect from the change of seasons. Ok, some people say that ‘seasons’ don’t really exist in Southern California. But that statement is not true. Seasons DO exist in Southern California, they just exist differently than they do in other parts of the country/world.

The past week has been unseasonably cool for us at this time of the year. But that really isn’t anything new since weather patterns have been changing for a number of years now. A couple days ago it was cloudy and cool all day long. Yuk. I don’t like those days. They make you feel kind of drab.

Yesterday however the sky looked as it does after rainfall, and the clouds begin to clear. The air was cool, but the clouds were assuming ever-changing patterns and shapes that were spectacular to view. I shot many images of the sky yesterday, but the one posted under the Sky tab struck me as one that needed to be posted.

Simply beautiful.

I Get to Go to School

“Do I have to finish this assignment before recess?”

“Do we have to do the whole page?”

“Do we have to write in cursive?”

When the question is asked with a ‘have-to’ qualifier, it sounds painstaking as if the act of ‘having-to’ is such a chore that nothing but drudgery comes to mind. When my students ask me a “Do I have to…” question, I have a comeback line…”Ask me that exact same question but this time, replace the word ‘have’ with ‘get’.” The look on their faces are usually of genuine confusion as the question in their mind was formulated with ‘have’, so re-wording is often a challenge.

“Do I get to finish this assignment before recess?”

“Do we get to do the whole page?”

“Do we get to write in cursive?”

Oh my goodness…what opportunity! Their questions are now poised in such a positive fashion that self-realization is generally recognized. I look at my students with a big smile and respond, “Yes!, you do get to finish this assignment before recess!” “Yes!, you do get to do the whole page!” “Yes!, you do get to write in cursive!”

Internally, my students know they were required to ‘do’ the work I assign, but I suppose just like everyone else, we typically choose the path of least resistance. If we can ‘get-by’ with less, why ‘do’ more? That’s ok, but now any self-imposed negativity is removed from the question. I’m thinking that’s a great life-skill, seeking opportunity where none seemingly exist.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled to return to school and prepare my room for summer. The rooms are set to be sprayed with an atomizing disinfectant in a few weeks. No, returning to my classroom is not something I really want to do right now. Germs have me apprehensive about being in the very physical space that I have not occupied for over 7 weeks now.

I am breathing, I am here. I get to go to school tomorrow.

I Write, and then I Edit

I never create a piece of art and consider it finished, ever. The same goes for written pieces. Once a piece is published, I am constantly re-reading and re-writing the piece in my head. Often this occurs overnight.

In my waking hour today, I revisited the post from last night, NEW Words, New Phrases. The update better reflects what I wanted to convey.

NEW Words, New Phrases

Time-Shift, Blame-Shift, Social Distance, Alternative Reality, Alternative Facts, Mis-Remember…Really?

If you have ever read the iconic book 1984 by George Orwell, you know that new words and/or phrases are created by those who NEED to control reality based on the overall desire of the system in Power. A system created by those who NEED to document a current social situation by changing the norm into something that is OK.

If one wants the current condition of social norms to remain intact then history is on course based on what is allowed to occur.

Yikes everyone! For those who see BEYOND the self-serving individualistic approach to living, then you realize that this type of mindset is NOT one that is realistic.


Do the right thing! Lean toward what you know to be true!

Do not become part of a current trend that contributes to, and seems to embrace a new Edition of the American English dictionary. We want to avoid the possibility of adding words such as ‘doubleplusgood’, and then ultimately eliminate true words of value. That is called Newspeak.

Words are words. One cannot make up new words or phrases based on false truths.

I am uncomfortable with words and/or phrases that are introduced simply to address a false positive based on a hunch, or ‘gut’ feelings.

At the very least words should be used properly, not very strongly.