Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

I just finished an essay found under the Musings tab titled The Ravages of Linear Time. In it I describe circumstances in life that change due to biological entropic reality. While this sounds of doom-and-gloom, I was moved in the days while writing the piece to understand a different perspective, a different viewpoint. One that allowed me to finish writing it with a smile. I’m going to hold on to that smile.

These Are the Days of Our Lives

Queen’s last studio album before Freddy Mercury died, Innuendo, was recorded shortly before his death in 1991. It is one awesome album! I was listening to it recently and there are many songs on the album that are very reflective on life and love, all while maintaining vintage Freddy. I’ve been playing one song in particular titled These Are the Days of Our Lives and over the recent days I have listened to it over and over again. The song’s lyrics sparked a lot of self-reflection in me.

Under the Art Center tab is a newly published piece titled Water Frisbee. It’s an essay on one of those carefree days in my life that brings back wonderful memories. The piece may just spark a fond memory within you.

Unfortunate Cloud Cover

While I had hoped to see the Blood Moon this morning, I did not. Our sky was covered with a layer of thin clouds. However, I did capture some images from yesterday of these thin, wistful clouds. One of these beauties can be seen in the Sky tab, Sky 5/25/21.

The Lost Track of Time

Last week I finished my read-aloud of the book titled The Lost Track of Time. We then started a new read-aloud of a book titled The Phantom Tollbooth. I remember my 5th grade teacher read this book to us when I was in elementary school and I really enjoyed the story of a boy named Milo, and his trip through an alternative reality that connects to education and imagination by use of creative word-play and naming. One of the characters he meets on his journey is a large dog named Tock. This dog has a large clock on each side his his body so that he is always aware of the time.

Another favorite of mine from grade school is a book titled A Wrinkle in Time. Now that I am writing this post, I remember as a kid being fascinated by the story and movie The Time Machine.

Recognize a rather predictable pattern?

What’s in a Dream?

I dream all the time, most every night. For me, sleep is a very exciting time of subconsciousness that has taken me anywhere and everywhere.

Not all dreams are ‘good’ dreams. And then there’s the extreme, a nightmare. I had somewhat of a nightmare last night. Although it was Monday of the last week of school which is awesome, every all of my students decided to rebel and not listen to anything I was saying. This defiance was so frustrating and stressful because of course it all seems so real, not realizing while asleep that it is only a dream.

My mom told me a couple weeks ago that she dreamt of Reggie, our long-gone cat that lived to be 20 years old! She said the dream seems to real because Reggie was being his pesty self of simply being a cat. Reggie has been gone for 25 years now! I thought it was pretty cool that mom had this dream.

I have flown in my dreams. Those are the best because the feeling of flying is awesome! I’ve fallen great heights which was scary. I’ve become distressed while attempting to open the old rotating face combination lock. I’ve experienced horrific deaths which is just plain awful. It’s always wonderful to see friends and loved ones who are no longer with us.

It goes on and on. I’ve always been fascinated in the psychology of dreams, yet another one of my passions that I guess I’ll need to pursue in my next life. 🙂

Report Cards

Oh the dread. Two weeks left in the school year and I need to work on Report Cards today. I really need to make significant progress on them and over the past two days, I have slowly been inching towards Page 2, the Comments page. I do that page first because it helps me to have something done. Page 1, the grades page is extremely tedious and out of the two pages, I dislike that page more.

I need to stop procrastinating and just get busy. Ok, here goes…

Something is Different Today

There are some days that flow from start to finish. Today isn’t one of those days, at least not yet. I rarely stop my morning routine of playing the piano for three hours but I did this morning. I suppose I shouldn’t feel guilty playing for only 1 hour and 15 minutes but I do.

I am currently reading a book about Writing. Yes that sounds odd, reading about writing, but the book is about writing as a process and I have always enjoyed the writing process itself. I like to write and always desire to make myself better at my craft. So that’s what I did this morning. I stopped playing the piano to write. This won’t happen every day because the only reason I stopped playing was because I allowed my mind to wander. You can’t do that when you’re playing a musical instrument, at least I can’t do that when I’m at the piano. If I have allowed my mind to wander while playing, it’s just better if I stop because at that point the craft becomes broken and it is difficult to make progress.

Something is different today and I am not at all sure what it can be. I don’t think there is a full moon, but it sure feels like there’s one to me.

More, We Should Provide

If we didn’t want more from our life, from our day, there would be no point in anything.  I think it is incumbent upon us that we help to develop that hunger for more, in ourselves and in those around us.  Think about how often we feel dissatisfied with a specific result, a movie, a book, a conversation, or left out from a certain interaction or situation.  That feeling is one of emptiness, one that sparks the desire to want more.

Typically, when we want ‘more’ the desire comes from a sense of selfishness, and that is never good.  Unless the selfishness is the root of providing more for someone else so that they do not experience the same void of satisfaction.

I think we should want more for our day and for our lives.  This desire will lead to become the driving factor in providing more for everything around us.  Our day’s arena is filled with so many possibilities to provide more in everything we do and everyone we encounter.  There is an infinite amount of ‘more’ out there for us to take, and for us to provide.

Provide more than you take today and see how many smiles you make 🙂

How Much Time Is Left?

Years ago there was a television game show called ‘Beat the Clock’ where contestants were tasked to either do some task, or answer a question I don’t remember. But I do remember always watching. Obviously the show wasn’t very impactful or I would probably remember more details. I do remember that whatever the task, contestants were playing against the clock. Time would tick away and they needed to finish whatever it was they were doing before time ran out.

I am currently reading a book to my students titled ‘The Lost Track of Time’ about a young girl named Penelope who is driven by her mom’s daily schedule. Mom is highly efficient because she keeps her schedule tight so that she can maximize every minute of the day. Dad is a hung-ho supporter of mom’s efficient ability and tries to encourage Penelope to be a team player and all Penelope wants to do is to have some ‘free time’ so that she can write. She wants to be a writer.

One day after Penelope finds a ‘hole in her schedule’ this fantasy story takes Penelope to a different world where she and Dill, a very tall skinny character, are in search of ‘The Great Moodler’, who permits free time called moodling. It’s all quite entertaining and my students and I and we are enjoying the daily read.

When performing a task, watching a movie, or visiting friends, or anything for that matter, we often ask ourselves How much time is left? My now deceased good friend Drew who was always sarcastically humorous, would always respond ‘Why, do you have a date’? For him, there was never a sense of rush or hurriedness.

I have often likened the game show Beat the Clock to my day at school because I feel that the moment I step foot on the school grounds asphalt I am on a schedule, a schedule that is dictated by a bell. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Linear time is what it is, but we do have some control of how we spend our day. There is a lesson here. Perhaps I need to learn how to moodle and not be so consumed by the clock, and schedules. Drew had this down pat, there is always time if I make it.