Are You Ready for This?

For those who want to begin their day with some thoughts that got me pondering, check out the entry Expect the Unexpected found under the Musings tab. Note, it may send you into the same cognitive spiral it did for me. I’m ok though, just had to write it out, or did I ride it out?

Welcome to December

They come and they go, months that is, as with everything else in our presence within linear time. Here we are, gratefully again in December. Not for any reason other than we’re here, you are reading this. My students were so excited yesterday because they knew that ‘tomorrow is December!’

There is something magical about this month, however this magic is sometimes overshadowed by memories of what/who once was. I am not at all discounting those individual memories because it is those memories that make us, us. That in itself is super cool!

Today is the first day of the last month of our year Two thousand, twenty-one. Yikes! I remember, what seems like yesterday, when I thought ‘the year Two Thousand was coming up!’ Now the year 2000 is ‘history’ to my students.

That’s fine.

I’m good with December 1, 2021 and look forward to what this day will deliver, to everyone. Be gettin’ ready!


I have expressed on this website before that worded statements should be stated or written with get instead of have. Here is the difference…

Today, I have to clean house. Boring! –

Today, I get to clean house. Awesome! +

There is a vast contrast in both sentences simply by changing one word. The first sentence conveys a negative connotation, a dreaded task. The second sentence indicates a first-world ‘problem’. Many people in this world don’t even have a place to live, so therefore I should be happy the opportunity is there! Framing thoughts and actions in a positive mode sets the tone for the speaker/writer, and the listener/reader.

For me, I’m just forever grateful that I opened my eyes this morning so that I get to clean house! Gratitude begins from the get-go, or so it should.

I Worked for Hours

Yesterday morning I worked on an essay in which I was really satisfied with. Five hours later when it was finished, it posted. The story was from one of my humorous college memories while at Art Center. Six hours later I received a text from one of the essays’ referenced friends, and she let me know that my essay was not about the person I wrote about, it was her. Oh boy, talk about deflation! I immediately removed the essay from its posted location. For the most part the story’s details were correct but since the ‘main character’ was someone other than whom it centered around, then it changes to the story’s perspective need to be made.

Writing is a process, a craft, an art in itself. It is one I have consistently grown a greater appreciation for since I was a child. So it’s time for a re-write, oh well, that’s how it goes. Like any art form, even writing is a constant work in progress.

Feeling Finite

It has been an interesting 3 weeks for me. Sometimes super-charged up, and sometimes rather melancholy. I go through periods of feeling invincible. Invincible not in the literal sense, but in the figurative sense. Nothing I have done, but also everything I have done. In the afternoon hours of today, I am feeling quite finite. Because I am. Nothing that I have done, but also everything I have done. This feeling has provided somewhat of an uneasy internal mojo. I know what has made me feel like this though, and I have new tools to use in this very situation. It certainly goes beyond me however, for I am but a spec in the fabric of all that is. I have more than just words to help me, for these words reach deep within and call upon Him to shield me.

Here We Are

‘Another day, another dollar.’ Most of us have heard that short phrase but I have never liked it. To me it minimizes everyone and everything in one’s daily life, and that’s not at all good. Did you wake-up and open your eyes this morning? What an awesome way to start the day! What an awesome phenomenon to take full advantage of, for the day ahead. The question however is, ‘Will You take full advantage? Make your own motivational and impactful phrase as the day progresses. Then pass it on.


I have always said ‘There are some things in life that we do only once’. Just posted within the I Remember tab is a perfect example, at least for me and Irene.

Keep it Clear

I have written about this…the ‘habit’ of becoming overwhelmed by the things of life. Home life, work life, social life. We live in this age of instant information access and instant communication. While convenient, these conveniences are also a ball and chain. The phrase ‘Know When to Say When’ is far reaching. That ‘slogan’ if you will can fit into anything we do. There is a time and a place when we should and should not act upon impulse. For some that is easy, for me and for others it is a challenge.

Intensity. Intensity stems from the desire to be ‘good’, as in competent. Better than good, … perfect. Perfection is achieved in our minds through intense, consistent work. ‘If I don’t do it, no one else will.’ I can control the situation… or can I?

Control and intensity produces perfection.

It does not. While ‘control’ is relative, ‘intensity’ is inside our being, and ‘perfection’ is out of our realm.

Control + Intensity = Perfection

Notice the ‘equal sign’ is not in line with the Equation. That’s because it’s not an equation, there is nothing equal about it. Therefore it is no more than an Expression, an unbalanced one at that due to the infinitesimal impossibility of Perfection.

So why cloud our brains with the impossible Expression? Such a simple statement, such a difficult statement to try and answer.

Perspective. Relative. Keep it clear. There is only one brain in our heads and while we have the ability to think logically and intelligently, we can easily cloud our brains with cyclical pondering that produces no satisfactory concrete result outside of the abstract.

Just, keep it clear.