Some people come and go from our lives. Some people come into our lives and then leave by choice or circumstance. Some come into our lives and never leave by choice or circumstance. Then there are some people who leave and many years later are reconnected with us usually by choice, but not always.

Those who we reconnect with after many years of disconnect are often met with joy. I was reconnected yesterday with someone who I call my ‘Texas mom’. We spoke on the phone and aside from the many years of disconnect, it was like I just talked with her last week. We had a wonderful conversation and tried to catch-up as much as possible in the ten minutes that I had left before a meeting.

It wasn’t easy to find Alice, but I did. The voice and conversation was wonderful. Irene and I have so much to catch-up on with our Texas mom. We know her children who of course are all grown up now. We experienced a lot of life together and I am looking forward for the three os us to have our continued conversation, today.

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No

I pretty much write everyday but I don’t always publish what I write. I think a lot of what I write is just plain cathartic for me because I am a thinker and I think about everything. So writing is a means for me to ‘put it on paper’ so to speak.

There have been times when I am playing the piano and I need to stop playing because there is something I need to write. Stopping my practice time is not something that happens frequently at all because I am a stickler for my time spent on the keys. Other times, I just sit at the computer and start writing. Writing comes easy for me.

And now I am thinking that this post is just meandering with no real purpose. However there is always a purpose, in everything. So I guess I’m doing what I am supposed to do.


My birthday was yesterday, July 11. I was born on my father’s birthday which I’ve always thought was pretty special. My dad, the youngest of 10 kids, was born on one his sister’s birthday, 7/11. So I shared my birthdate with my dad and one of my aunts, cool. 3.

I remember when I was growing up and one of the neighborhood kids birthday was on 7/11. I even remember her name, Debbie. It’s always exciting for kids when they learn that a friend shares the same birthday! 4.

When I was in college, I found out that my very good friend whom I met at Art Center also had his birthday on 7/11. Crazy I thought. Irene and I still stay in touch with Mike and his wife Lexi. It’s great to know your friends for so many years. Lexi went to Art Center too, and Irene and I have known them both for almost 40 years, and counting. After Irene and I moved into our current home, we found out that our neighbors directly across the street from us had twins in high school and their birthday was 7/11. 7.

The ranch where we board our horses had many clients who would all ride together every Saturday, and some during the week as well. One of the newer clients at the time, Mary also shared the 7/11 birthday. This was all so very bizarre. I had never known anyone who knew so people in their lives that shared the same birthday. 8.

After I moved to a new school within the district, I found out that one of the teachers at this new school and one of the noon aides were also born on July 11 too! 10.

Ten. Based on my life so far, I don’t believe that this 7/11 ‘coincidence’ will end. I for one don’t even believe in coincidences. Ok, then what’s the deal? Is there something to this that needs to be revealed? My curiosity is already elevated, now all I need is more patience.

Everyone Has Two

I have many. Parents, that is. That’s just how it is. Every educator has multiple mom’s and dad’s. Students are more than merely students, they are real human beings that have a life outside of our own. They have parents, pets, and stories of their own. And stories and lives of each are all valid. Under the Musings tab is a newly published essay titled I Met One of My Mom’s Today. As with all my postings, writing the essay was natural and easy. I am privileged to have this opportunity to do so.


I think that anyone who likes camp, I mean really camp, in the mountains enjoys the campfire tradition. I have never been camping without seeing everyone in the entire campsite, sit by the campfire in the morning, and especially in the evening to cap off the day.

Ok, I understand. I understand that we are in another drought and water must be limited. I understand as a result, the necessity for National Parks in California to ban campfires for all campers this summer, they have done it before.

However this understanding is not without disappointment. We had already planned our yearly Summer camping trip. We had already made our campsite reservations albeit pre-COVID reservations were not necessary. We jumped through the reservation hoops and we diligently trolled the reservation website for DAYS to reserve a campsite spot. We also had already purchased a lot of our camping trip groceries.

Yesterday, we received an email from the reservation site stating that beginning July 1, ALL campfires are banned due to fire restrictions. There will be no campsite campfires. There will be no smore making at the campfire. There will be no connection time with your loved one, or new friends by the campfire because there will be no campfires.


The campfire is part of the overall camping experience. For us, without the campfire staple, decisions must be made. Anyone who likes to camp, I mean really camp, understands that we have begrudgingly cancelled our camping reservations for 2021.

Sigh. Last year – COVID, campsites closed. The previous year – ear surgery for Bonnie, no dirt or water. This year – campfire restrictions. Hopefully the summer of 2022 will be without restrictions or reason for cancellation.

We need to not have yearly droughts. We need predictable precipitation so that yearly droughts are the exception, and not the norm. We need an environmental miracle. Mother Nature, are you listening?


Just posted under the Dreams tab is an essay titled Mechanicalism. I don’t usually title the Home Post entry with the same name of any essay posts, but this one was creepy enough for me to want to duplicate. I want no part of Mechanicalism.

Where to Start

Under the Musings tab is a newly published essay titled When I Grow Up. It’s interesting how we are sometimes led to places and ideas that were never intended when we started. I had no idea ‘where I was going’ when I began the essay, it just happened. And what a wonderful direction it took. The concept has now added a new facet to my approach in my teaching practice. Exciting!

Think About It

Before you go about your daily business today, think about who you are, where you are, and who you will or may encounter. There are great things in foresight and hindsight. In the I Remember tab is a newly published short essay titled Monumental. It’s a childhood memory, which in hindsight was an indicator of ‘who’ I was then as an individual, and who I still am as an adult. It is interesting how we often don’t think about some things, until we actually think about some things.

Love to Learn, and Learn to Love

It is oddly interesting how our own vocabulary may have deep meaning depending on the context in which it is used. I love to learn. I always want to know more, and therefore am always in search of more meaning to everything. The first piece of today’s title is more of a blanket statement that describes an internal and personal passion.

The latter portion of today’s title has a profound connotation the first part did not. By simply swapping two words in a sentence there is now deep meaning to ponder. Something in which takes the person ‘out of themselves’ and into the lives of others.

Learn to Love. These are words to live by.

Molecular Beauty

Just added to the Sky tab is an image taken from yesterday’s display of molecular beauty. Those who know me, knew that I was taking pictures of the Sky. How could I not? It’s like a painting that is always in a morphed state, a story that is always changing. For me there is no such thing as monotony in the Sky, rather giddy excitement of what Is.