Slightly Marginalized

No. Marginalized is a condition that either is, or isn’t. It’s like making the statement or reference of ‘being slightly pregnant’. No such thing. However there are, or can be, levels within the condition of marginalization that either promote or demote individual populations. This can be for people, places, or things.

Marginalization occurs every day, all the time. The necessary question to ask is, ‘Do we partake in the act of…?’


This is one image I did not take. Just posted under the Sky tab is a recent image provided to me by a dear friend. This marvel, captured from the air. Those who know me well, know that I am enamored with Sky and it’s incredible, and unmatchable awe. Such beauty is what life is all about.

Lazy Geometry?

Sure, supply and demand often drive consumer design but are we now reacting to what drives us for consumer purchases? Or are consumer purchases driven by those who design? A little of both really. But there are societal and cultural shifts that take place as a result and it’s not always good.

Just posted under the Musings tab is a short essay titled ‘Oooh, I Like That Box!’ As I wrote the piece it opened up multiple avenues for potential discussion and debate. Perhaps you’ll find it interesting.

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

The grass is always greener on the other side. This is the longest title to any post or essay I’ve written.

I don’t care for long titles and see no logical purpose in them. They are more of a tagline to a title, a ‘teaser’ to whet one’s appetite to read on, or watch if the reference is for film.

I began writing this morning on an essay titled Where’s My Tea?! But then I realized that story requires more time than I have this morning. Eventually that essay will be posted under the ‘I Remember’ tab. So I changed my goal to writing a Post. Theoretically at least in my mind it would be faster because my Posts are generally shorter in length. Then I landed here, in this boat thinking I could complete it before I leave this morning. Well I was wrong, again.

I need to leave now and I’m not completely satisfied with my results. Perhaps there is a lesson here for me, and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

No Wonder

Wasn’t that a great time? A time when the world was right, at least in my mind, and everyone was happy and carefree. Where did the time go?

Time. It doesn’t go anywhere, yet it passes us by. As if it has something to do or somewhere to go. It does not. It just passes without end, it’s timeless.

No wonder.

Distracted by Distractions

Distractions…choose one.

We don’t wake up everyday and say to ourselves, ‘Hmmm… I wonder what I can be distracted by today.’ Far from our minds we don’t typically thank of ‘distractions’ as part of our planned daily regimen however, they will just automatically arrive.

Like an unwanted houseguest suddenly there it is, a distraction. ‘What do I do with it?’ we most likely don’t ask ourselves. We just allow the distraction to build and manifest inside our heads. From there, our bodies are affected physiologically and we ‘feel’ things that weren’t there before. What is that? Why is that? That manifestation quickly becomes anxiety and then leads to stress, and that becomes _____, and then, and then, and…

What? Then what?

When I was a child and did something very wrong, I can recall my mother and/or father saying to me “Words, words, words, blah, blah, blah,….. and I mean it!” I knew when those words were spoken that there was something waiting for me around the corner that I did not want to discover or unveil by continuing with my poor choice behavior. But things are different now and parents manage their kids differently.

The world is distracted by distractions. Countries are distracted by distractions. Societies, Communities, City’s, Households, People, every aspect of our current human-being is distracted by distractions.

Our ancestors were not distracted by distractions. They were focused on the here and now. They weren’t ‘looking’ elsewhere for more information, or something else non-related to the current task at hand. They held honor and respect to those who were simply doing their best to do the same. Finger pointing and blame was not a tool used for displacement of an uncomfortable situation. Our ancestors took ownership to every part of their existence and kept their person to themselves. Thieves and wrong-doers were managed by the law.

Our distractions seem to have removed much of that, that ownership of personal responsibility. Bummer how many have become distracted by something other than the task, the action, the wrongdoing.

We see it every day. Distraction induced deflection of action leading to blame of something or someone else. I can hear it now, “Your honor, my client feels uncomfortable and scared in this court of law for how He/she, He-She, They, His, Hers, Ours, Them, It is being treated. And for this, we place blame on the person/s who brought this to court. That individual needs to be on the stand for wrongdoing, not my client. We motion for immediate action against the prosecutor.”

Oh my goodness all I can hope and pray for when that occurs, is for the judge to say “Apparently you have never seen or heard of the documentary Scared Straight. Motion denied.”

I Heard You

Perhaps you did, hear me that is. But did you listen? Those two words are often interchangeably misused.

One of the books I’ve read references a phrase ‘precision of language’. It is a phrase used for a necessary protocol in place while speaking or writing. Words are words, and while there are synonyms for many words, there is also a variety of words in the ‘word bank’ that should be used in context to the sentence in which they exist.

Apologies for such a level specificity, but it matters.

Today’s technological means of communication homogenizes the use of many words. We hear, “Well, this is faster for me to finger-type”. Faster because it is truly faster?, or faster because it is easier?

If we do the hard things in life, our lives will be easier. But if we do the easy things in life, our lives will be harder.

Oh I heard what was suggested by someone else, I know what I should be doing as a result. But did I listen to what was suggested?

‘Hear’ is a Passive verb, it requires nothing beyond an auditory system in working order. ‘Listen’ is an Action verb, it comes with a requirement to take action.

Are you listening?

People Are People Too

Some years ago, while stopped at a traffic signal, a woman in the car next to me got my attention by yelling “Hey!” When I turned my head to see who was yelling at a volume loud enough so that I could hear over the sound of my diesel truck, the woman yelled “Smile!” I immediately gave a genuine happy smile and she returned a big smile too. She then yelled “Much better!” right when the traffic signal turned green and we drove off.

Who doesn’t like a smile? I didn’t realize while sitting in my truck that my deep thought, or no thought, had affected what my face was doing. My face was doing nothing, and my brows tend to furrow when in thought so I probably looked somewhat irritated or preoccupied.

That communication with a complete stranger, and the commanding request to simply smile, allowed me to break out of my selfish bubble. It was a wonderful eye opener and it allowed me to see and experience everything around me in real time.

To this day I remember the incident vividly and it has forever changed what I am thinking while stopped at a traffic signal, or when simply driving in general. People are people too, whether they exist within my circle of friends or acquaintances. We’re all simply people, trying to do the best we can with what we have.

When I look to my side while driving or stopped at a traffic signal I often smile, whether the next person’s glance is returned or not. Those smiles are contagious and they release wonderful contentment producing chemicals within our brain. Best of all…they are free!

Here I Go Again

School. The new year begins on Monday, and yes I am looking forward to it.

I’ve never called my job/career ‘work’. For me, it’s simply school and I love it. It’s something that I do. Sure I have a role to ‘play’, that of a teacher. But one cannot teach if what to teach, and how to teach is unknown. Unknown variables within this expression should be kept to a minimum in the school environment.

Digest this: Teachers interact with human beings. Age, gender, home life, and life experience all come into play. Human factors are not limited, and the intricacies of each factor is infinitesimal. As a result shared responsibility another beings development is monumental. It’s everything.

I have no idea how my students feel just two days before onset of another school year, students that I do not yet know. Are they excited like me? Maybe in a state of dread? They’re young, too young to fully comprehend the importance and true value of knowledge. An iceberg’s enormity when only at its tip is difficult to fathom. Pity, but nonetheless reality.

As a teacher, my role is that of an igniter. Teachers provide fuel and become the catalyst in hopes of igniting that spark in those of our future generation. It is they who will carry forth the torch of humanity.

Well, I Guess I’m Done

I happened to mention Skittles to a mentor of mine today and he said, “I’m surprised you’re still eating those!”

What do you mean?, I asked. He then told me to ‘Google it’ later. Which I did, immediately-later if there is such a thing.

I have never been much of a candy person and on some random day a few years ago my students were raving about Skittles. When one of my student’s asked me what my favorite flavor was my reply was that I had never even eaten a Skittle before. The look of utter surprise on these kids eyes! So I had one and loved it. Then I had another and another and relished them all.

What I didn’t know was that Skittles would quickly become my candy, and I didn’t even care for candy. But Skittles were different.

Before too long I was eating Skittles a few times a week, and would even finish a large container of this delectable sugar-poison in just a few days. There I was, essentially ‘grazing’ on Skittles all day long.

I thought there should be a Surgeon General warning for Skittles as being habit forming.

Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about that ‘habit’ anymore. Today I learned there is a toxic chemical found in the manufacturing of this yummy sugar rainbow. Problem solved. I’m not even going to hold out for a modified recipe once they have been removed and then reintroduced to the market.

The bondage of this self-captivity is no longer, and I am free!