Yes, Happy Thanksgiving

Newly published under the Musings tab is an essay titled Milestones. I started writing this short essay about five days ago but didn’t complete it until tonight because this day is truly a day of self-reflection and personal thanks. For those who are reading this now, I thank you. Never looking for anything from anybody I simply enjoy writing, for me.

Just Because You Can…

…doesn’t mean you should. I have pondered this sentiment in many areas of my life. Of course I didn’t care when I was younger. Back then, if I could then I would. I think this is often what leads many of us to improper judgement or action. Maybe we should think this instead: Just because I think I can doesn’t mean that I can, safely.

Do You Make Any Money?

When I tell people that I have a website where I simply write, I sometimes get asked “Do you make any money from it?” I think those who ask are somewhat puzzled when my response is No, that is not my intention.

I guess the internet these days is a viable option to make money, whatever amount that may be. For me, making money from my website has never been the intention. It never will be.

Another question I will get asked is “How many followers do you have?” Unless one is a frequent flyer of social media, of which I am not, one wouldn’t even know what a ‘follower’ is. I don’t care if no one sees my website. Sure I will sometimes point those who I know to it’s URL, but there is typically a reason for doing so.

I write for me, and anyone who likes to read. There are no goofy video clips, no commentary on what someone else said or did. None of that. This is all about me. Hmmm, that statement sounds selfish but it’s not. Think of it like a diary of personal thoughts and memories. I think of it like music in that it does no one any good if it’s not shared with others.

We Cannot Ever Predict

My nephew Sean passed away 4 years ago on November 18. No one knew this would happen, not now. But it did happen. It could happen to anyone at any time.

Newly posted in the I Remember tab is an essay titled Sean is Gone, is a short excerpt of someone special to me in more ways than one. Sean was not only my nephew, he is my sister’s child.

Seanie-boy, …everyone misses you and loves you!


I often wonder why sometimes certain tasks are simple, and other times they are not. The task may be something that is done on a daily basis yet sometimes not executed with the same ease as on a previous day. While I write this I am reminded of a book that I recently read titled Flow, written by the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Flow, as described by Csikszentmihalyi is a highly focused mental state conducive to productivity. It is good that we sometimes ponder about ideas and ideals that we may have previously pondered. It is the full-circle thing because we are brought back to the place where the thought and/or question began.

Though somewhat technical and clinical, the book helped me to understand exactly what is necessary in order for one to achieve a highly focused mental state conducive to productivity. So perhaps I have, in a sense, answered my own question that started this post in the first place.

My question has been answered, sometimes.

Purely Magical

I have played the piano for many years. I think I’m pretty good, but my expectations are so high for myself that I always think I could, and should do better. I read music. Very rarely have I ever trusted that I could just sit down at the piano and allow my hands to simply wander over the keys and press ‘wherever’. The fear was that whatever transpired wouldn’t sound good at all.

This morning after practicing a Mozart sonata, I allowed myself to do just that. With my eyes closed, I slowly played single notes, chords, and roll-ups. Whatever sounded good at the moment, whatever sounded right, I played. It was not only cathartic, it was absolutely beautiful. I was filled with so much emotion and calmness like none other. It was purely magical.

Forever Together, Together Forever

Bonnie and Clyde

Littermates, and always together, most always touching one another. Bonnie and Clyde. Our canine kids… they are gone. Bonnie left us earlier this evening around 5:30p. We knew something was terribly wrong when she suddenly laid down after much excitement over her (soon to be eaten) dinner and then could not get back up again. After a short time, I carried her to our bed where she spent her last 20 or so minutes of life in our arms. This before she relaxed into her forever sleep. Such a good girl.

So hard. Bonnie and Clyde were our two golden retriever canine kids and within 6 weeks of one another, they both are now forever in our hearts. Our little Bonnie-B.

We will see you later buttercup! xoxo

The Reality of Tiny Particles

I often wonder if we should be consumed with much of which most others do not ponder. Vacillate as I might I do think that answer, at least for me, is yes. I cannot help it. Thought and ponder is in the fabric of my being. In the Musings tab is a short entry about something I think everyone would agree is a nuisance, dust. The entry is titled There is No Escape. And while some may regard such pontification as pointless, those tiny particles are still there, they still demand our attention and they still demand our time.