On August 21, 2020 I posted ‘Life is Good’, memorializing Clyde, my (almost) 12 year old Golden Retriever. Then on October 3, 2021 I posted ‘Forever Together, Together Forever’ to memorialize the passing of Clyde’s littermate sister, Bonnie.

I have waited some time to post this, but the journey has begun again. On January 9, 2021 we brought home Holly, an 8-week old (at the time) Golden Retriever. Within just a couple weeks she picked up ‘the flip’, a different one that Bonnie and Clyde had but with the same message, and she came trotting to me.

Life IS good!

Unfolding History

Newly posted in the I Remember tab is an essay titled Perseverance. It’s actually a combination of memories and musings. I didn’t imagine yesterday that I would be so compelled to write this one today, as I already have a few essays in-progress. This one couldn’t wait as the story is a part of all our lives.

Shadow Kiss

I have a scaled replica of Rodin’s sculpture The Kiss in my piano room. It’s been there for years. Yesterday morning while on a mini-break from practice, and as I got up to fix another cup of tea, I saw this intriguing shadow. Such a perfect shot I think because light is played against dark, and dark is played against light. Remember, ALL of this is around us, all the time.

This Weekend’s Revelation

Not a satisfying one for me, but rather disappointing. The flip side to my gripe is that it IS a first-world problem and maybe I shouldn’t give it a second thought, but it’s there. My latest post found in the Musings tab, titled Canned. The thought came to me while preparing for tomorrow and I had to stop everything to write about it. Frustrating.

No Sense Makes Sense

During my first job out of college a colleague once told me ‘Welcome to (name of company), where no sense makes sense’. Here I am, this fresh-out-of-college kid that saw the working world through rose colored glasses. Naive yes. While personal and working relationships often uncover disparity and non-sensical action, I quickly learned what the ‘working world’ was really about. Sometimes procedure and action at this company didn’t make sense, at least to me. So I accepted that reality and rode the wave until the late 80’s economic wipeout.

My nighttime dreams typically make a lot of sense to me even if they are fantastical. Periodically however these subconscious adventures take me on a wild ride that I simply cannot make any sense from, although I try.

Just posted under the Dreams tab is an entry titled In the ‘Mountains, on a Bike’. This dream began in a logical fashion, and then branched off into seemingly endless tendrils of thought. It was fun to experience, but I gave up on trying to put it into some form of logical meaning.


I’m generally always cold. It’s kind of lousy because in the ‘Winter’ I will often get ‘chilled to the bone’ cold and cannot seem to warm myself up. Not sure if temperature affects many people like it does me, or someone who is hypersensitive to all things sensory, but I’d rather be very warm or even hot over being cold.

I also do not let hair grow on my head. I shave it with a blade every few days. I love being ‘bald’. Fortunately the shape of my head lends itself to not having any hair. The problem here is that most of our body heat is expended through our head and I’ve elected to shave off the very thing on my head to help keep me warm. Oh bother… what to do other than wear a beanie on my head. This is a most-often situation. At least it helps to keep me warm.

Why people do what people do is very interesting as it does not always make logical ‘sense’.

In Limbo Time

So strange as it has been almost one complete year now that we have all been sheltered and enclosed to ourselves. Removed from much of what we enjoy. Complacency has given many the potentially unsafe license to venture out of the protection, greatly resulting from the need for emotional sanity.

I am reminded of the Ray Bradbury short story, All Summer in a Day. Rain perpetually falls upon the planet, and only once every seven years does the sun expose itself for a brief few moments only to begin raining again. Humanity is enclosed indoors for drastically long periods of time without the freedom to roam.

We are currently in limbo time ourselves, yet no pattern if any has been established.

Shortened Playtime

I cut short my typical routine this morning of playing the piano for two hours because I started to think about other ‘stuff’ while playing. I only played for one hour. This ‘other stuff’ while playing becomes a distraction and therefore I am generally compelled to act. Fortunately for me my compulsions are all safe. In the Musings tab is a short piece titled Avoid the Inevitable. The piece is not meant as a ‘debbie-downer’, I just needed to write about some of the musings that are always swirling in my brain. I did however vow to myself to play for at least another hour after school today.


Actually not full OCD, but OCPD. Look it up. Under the Musings tab is my first essay of 2021 titled I Just Don’t Know How They Ever Do It. The page is something I’m sure some people experience, but those people are probably few and far between. It’s certainly a ‘musing’ and something I needed to write. 2H0N2Y1.