The Limit (maybe)

We have all been there… “I’m never going to do that again!” Well, life experience often has a way to work the ‘that’ into everything. Under the Musings tab is a newly published piece titled I Think I’ll Stop Here. At this time in my life I cannot definitively say that this will really be my limit, but the limit sure seems borderline from the outside. Only time will tell…

Things We Never Imagine

Life’s demands are for the most part those we place on ourselves. It’s a good thing to have high expectations of oneself, but we must always remember to keep balance and this doesn’t come easy for me. Found in the Dreams tab is a dream titled Under Pressure that I had at the end of last week. It clearly reflects my week’s very minimal piano practice. It was in essence a nightmare, something I would never want to experience in my waking hours. It is also somewhat humorous to me that my subconscious created such a menagerie of thoughts and and put them into one dream.

A Few Weeks Ago

…I began writing about The Yacht a few weeks ago but as most dreams, it was so convoluted that it took me multiple attempts and revisions to complete. I think the greatest factor in my hesitancy however was its ultimate focus, a large body of water with green moss. One would think that my swimming ability is nil, quite the contrary. I have always been a very strong swimmer with impressive lung capacity. However, lake depths continue to creep me out, and after 46 years Jaws is still waiting for me in the ocean. Just completed, The Yacht can be found under the Green Mossy Lake tab.

Just One

Yesterday had so many wonderful clouds up in our Sky, I could have been out there all day admiring the beauty. I selected just one of the images to display under the Sky tab. Always spectacular!


On August 21, 2020 I posted ‘Life is Good’, memorializing Clyde, my (almost) 12 year old Golden Retriever. Then on October 3, 2021 I posted ‘Forever Together, Together Forever’ to memorialize the passing of Clyde’s littermate sister, Bonnie.

I have waited some time to post this, but the journey has begun again. On January 9, 2021 we brought home Holly, an 8-week old (at the time) Golden Retriever. Within just a couple weeks she picked up ‘the flip’, a different one that Bonnie and Clyde had but with the same message, and she came trotting to me.

Life IS good!

Unfolding History

Newly posted in the I Remember tab is an essay titled Perseverance. It’s actually a combination of memories and musings. I didn’t imagine yesterday that I would be so compelled to write this one today, as I already have a few essays in-progress. This one couldn’t wait as the story is a part of all our lives.

Shadow Kiss

I have a scaled replica of Rodin’s sculpture The Kiss in my piano room. It’s been there for years. Yesterday morning while on a mini-break from practice, and as I got up to fix another cup of tea, I saw this intriguing shadow. Such a perfect shot I think because light is played against dark, and dark is played against light. Remember, ALL of this is around us, all the time.

This Weekend’s Revelation

Not a satisfying one for me, but rather disappointing. The flip side to my gripe is that it IS a first-world problem and maybe I shouldn’t give it a second thought, but it’s there. My latest post found in the Musings tab, titled Canned. The thought came to me while preparing for tomorrow and I had to stop everything to write about it. Frustrating.