Out There

Ok, I am going to put it ‘out there’. I’ve been fascinated with this idea for weeks and have been doing a lot of research and reading on this topic. It’s even ‘scary’ to put in black and white because once I do, everyone knows. That’s ok though. One of the benefits of linear time is the release of inhibitions. It is what it is, and I am who I am.

I’m going to write a Screenplay.

There, I wrote it. This idea has now exceeded my desire to obtain a PhD, although that would also be nice to have.

I’m not looking for fame and fortune with the completed end-product, it’s an exercise, a learning experience. If, when completed, I feel that the story really has meat and bones, then I’ll pursue to market. At least, it will be an exciting process and that’s what writing is all about, the process.

Without the risk of failure, there is no success. Believe.

From Here

There was a time, before you and I were born, when others wondered what ‘it’ would be like in 2022. What would buildings look like? What would cars look like? How will we live in our houses?

The curiosity climb was amazing. Contraptions and inventions kept society moving forward, and for the most part, moving positively forward.

Looking forward, to 2052 let’s say, is only 30 years from now. Technology and computational ability is currently doubled approximately every 18 months. What will all of this look like then? Our cars, houses, products, form of communication, commerce, industry, government, all of it.

What/How will we be as individuals. Where do we go, from here?

Trying New Things

It’s always good to try new things, as long as those ‘things’ bring value to oneself and are safe. I have many pages on this website that I have written for one reason or another. Main reason is I simply like to write. I’ve written and posted a poem along with many narratives that I’ve organized into categories.

Just posted under Musings is a ‘letter’ written and drawn from a lot of personal research. I think it is so applicable in many areas of anyone’s life really.

Successful attempts always start with an ‘I wonder’. I wonder if, I wonder where, I wonder when. I already have a new writing idea simmering in my thoughts, and it’s quite a monumental undertaking. However I am going to do it. I wonder if…

The Overcast Day

The sky today is overcast and to me it seems quiet outside. When I was a kid I had always equated overcast days with an impending something, and that ‘something’ always left me feeling uneasy. Although I could never pinpoint the uneasy feeling I did always wonder what it could be. Perhaps I was anxious over nothing. Perhaps I was a miscellaneous recipient or bystander during a difficult or challenging experience. Perhaps there is no correlation to any event and my imagination just did its thing.

Thoughts are awesome. We could play them in our minds as if we were reading a story in a book. We could ponder internally, we or write about them to keep record. Thinking however that thoughts should not be treated as discarded material.

It took an overcast day for me to write about this. Short piece, contemplative words used in a string we call, sentence.

More Unobserved

While on the treadmill the other day I noticed this intriguing, dynamic shadow on the wall. I stared at it for a very long time and it kept my attention. I quite often see or notice occurrences of what is typically unobserved. It may be imagery, detail, reflection, shadow, or silhouette, of a person, place, or thing. Visual phenomenon is always there, we just simply need to look.

A Window for Everything

Open for only a period of time, there is a window for everything. Open for a long period or a short period, there’s no difference. Linear time only travels in one direction and events are finite. Having been asked, ‘Why do you write, what’s this website for’? My selfish answer, it’s for me. I write for no one but me. I enjoy the writing process and I get to expound on whatever I’d like here.

Philosophical answer, it’s for everyone but me. It’s for those who enjoy reading for the love of reading. This isn’t gibberish written here. It’s a window into who I am. I am a human being complete with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And I don’t care to mask anything about who I am. Linear time and age are liberating factors.

I read this statement in a fictional book once, ‘Every person, all the events in your life are there because God put them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you’.

There is the window, the window of opportunity. Let it not be wasted, every window must eventually close.

One of the Disciplines

I am not a poet. Just like I was not a runner until I trained for, and ran two marathons. After awaking yesterday, the words ‘In the Stillness’ came to mind. Hmm, what do I do with that, I asked? I knew it needed to be written. Once under way, there was no turning back.

Not a fan of traditional elementary poems where metered rhyming conventions are predictable, I wanted to take the challenge of a thought-provoking passage that would demand its reader to think introspectively.

Under the Musings tab is my first-ever poem titled ‘In the Stillness’. Successful?, perhaps. Satisfaction however, was reached on my end.

It’s Not Rocket Science

At times, a reminder is necessary. Rocket Science, something that is very difficult to understand and requires an incredible degree of knowledge to properly implement. I am not a rocket scientist, therefore thoughts and actions should be balanced with the given moment.

While pulling out of the driveway one day, my line of sight became inline with that of the front leading edge of our lawn. The sprinklers had just commenced their cycle, over to my right I noticed that one of the half-circle sprinkler heads was not perfectly aligned to the area of grass it was supposed to water.

On one edge of the half-circle, the water spray was a couple inches back from the grass’ edge that it was supposed to be covering. Move sight to the opposite edge of the half-circle and water spray was beyond a couple inches from the grass’ edge that it was supposed to be covering.

From there I stopped the car to go fix the misaligned issue. I made the small necessary adjustment, walked to the leading-edge of the grass, knelt and examined the spray, then determined there needed to be a second adjustment.

Back to the sprinkler head, I now fine-tuned my original adjustment. Once completed, I again walked to the grass’ leading-edge, knelt and examined the spray. No good. A slight adjustment was still necessary to make it perfect.

Determined, I began my third walk to the misaligned sprinkler head. At this point Irene lost patience, lowered her car window and said to me, “It’s not Rocket Science.” That’s all I needed to hear so that I could ‘let it go’. I returned to the car, then proceeded to head-off to wherever it was we originally set to travel.