Look this one up and see if the words’ definition describes a character of you, or someone you know. It certainly describes a character trait of many someone’s I know, or encounter on a daily basis. I heard the word yesterday and did not know its meaning so was compelled to look up its definition. Quite awesome I thought, and once I learned of its origin I was able to imagine it in frequent use. I think it’s my adopted word of the week.

I won’t divulge its definition or origin. That is up to you!

Look at Today

Oh my goodness, look what I have in front of me, the entire day! What am I going to do with it? How will I react in all situations? Who will I show care and empathy to? I have eight thousand, six hundred and forty seconds to make a positive impact not only in my life, but in the lives of others! Juicy! That’s a whole seven hundred and twenty minutes worth of glorious time! It all boils down to twelve waking hours. That’s 12 waking hours! Oh man, what will I do with that much time?

Wowza, just look at today!

I’m Not Perfect

I don’t expect perfectionism from my students, so why should I expect perfectionism of myself? Each and every day I strive, yes I do. Each and every day, I miss the mark. Darn! It certainly is a difficult pill to swallow.


Maybe if I write about it in various fashion I’ll one day accept the reality that I am not perfect. Perfectionism, a personality trait I got from mom. Thanks mom, but I’m not perfect.

When it Ends

Imagine reading a book and when the page is turned, there is nothing else but blank pages. The previously read sentence may have been a complete thought or perhaps it ended midstream without complete thought. Imagine watching a movie and suddenly the video feed goes blank. The movie wasn’t even finished. Nothing else. One won’t know what happens next in the story and one never will.

Imagine reading a book or watching a movie through completion and realizing there will never be another book, there will never be another movie.

Only nothingness, emptiness.

I’m understanding that reality these days as it relates to life, and I’m not comforted. When life ends, it ends. There is no ‘to be continued’, no waiting until the next season, no ‘next’ chapter or sequel. There is no next, its just gone.

Did I attend the event after all? Did I leave the conversation in a good place when I left? Did I show love, and did I say ‘I love you’?

Am I ready for the unseen finality of when it does happen?

I want to have all my ducks in a row. I want to say everything I should have said, done everything I should have done, and positioned myself in the best light I possibly can for everyone involved. Complete selfish-selflessness all in place, for when it ends.

This One or This One?

I capture and have thousands of these. Like fingerprints, no two are the same. For me, it’s never an easy selection on which Sky image to post because they are all so very spectacular. I’ll analyze and then analyze some more, each time narrowing down my selection, and then still cannot decide. A lot of visual scrutinization takes place until, there it is waiting patiently for me.

Just posted under the Sky tab is one such image.

Lookout or Lookout!

Some years ago we lived on a street named Lookout Avenue. We never thought twice about the name, it was simply the name of our street. When Drew came to visit at this particular location he, in typical Drew fashion, said “I can’t figure out if the name of your street is meant to be as ‘Lookout into the beautiful scenery’… Or is is meant to be “LOOKOUT!”, as if someone was in peril?

Oh Drew!


Yes both, but not all the time. If you are a puzzle master or wordsmith perhaps you’ve figured out the title of this post. Perhaps not.

There are times when actions in life are simple or easily achieved. Conversely there are times when the task is faced with nothing but challenges and roadblocks. I think life would be boring if everything was always ‘easy’. I don’t have time for easy. Actually I do have the time for easy but I find easy to be wasted time, sometimes.

I want the challenge. I want the challenge simply because I seek the accomplishment. A life of ‘easy’ is total sleeper. A life of challenge is met with excitement and gratitude once the ‘challenge’ has been successfully accomplished. I like that.

However life is not about me.