We do not stop, nearly enough, to observe the unobserved. -Sky

For more than 20 years, I have taken pictures of the sky so that I can capture the incredible beauty of clouds. Nothing else in my pictures, just clouds. No sunset on the horizon, no buildings in the foreground, no trees off in the distance. Each of those categories are in themselves something to be observed. I am only capturing clouds.

It is rather incredible to look at and admire the natural beauty of something that is so organic, it cannot be memorialized. Clouds provide such an astonishing backdrop to an otherwise unnoticed part of the world in which we live.

I was with a group of students once and the clouds in the sky were, as always, so spectacular that I stopped everyone and I pointed to the sky and said, “Look at that!” One of the students replied “What’s the big deal, they’re just clouds.” Are you kidding me?! Mind you, the student was probably 12 years old, and her narcissistic bubble did not include looking outside of it.

Although my romanticism bubble towards clouds was pierced by the casual comment, I am still driven to capture the clouds in digital imagery.

I have thousands, yes thousands, of cloud pictures that I have taken over the years. It would be pointless to post them all as I think the awesomeness of the clouds would be diluted with quantity. I will change the image often, so you will want to check back to enjoy the natural beauty of Sky.

Often when someone sees one of my cloud pictures they say “Wow, that’s amazing, where did you see that?” My simple response is always the same…”I went outside and looked up.”

We do not stop, nearly enough, to observe the unobserved. -Sky