Flying Solo

The place was somewhere different and there were many people doing ‘things’ everywhere. Some of the activity was indoors but most of it was outdoors. Some people were clustered in ‘groups’ as they worked on whatever they were working on. There was also a lot of back and forth walking around as if these people were going to get supplies for I don’t know what.

I didn’t ‘fit-in’ and I don’t know why. There was no recognition of me from anyone, as if I were invisible. Out in one area there was an old-style swimming pool, the kidney bean shaped design. The pool was later topped with green astroturf. Not the ‘new’ kind that looks more realistic than the older astroturf design. The fake grass was not a complete pool covering that sat on top of the swimming pool, the astroturf was cut and simply laid on the surface of the water.

The public restroom I entered was very upscale most surely designed with visual detail in mind by the architect. It looked very ‘homey’. Well lit, with clean glass and mirror were included in the design to create a lot of shine and reflection. Almost like one was in a showroom of sorts. On one side of the room, there was a very large bathtub on display as if it were a museum piece. It too was a designer creation and it was awful to look at.

The tub was oriented vertically on its side end. And in the middle of the tub was a design feature that made this tub not only unusable, but unappealing. This design feature was a raised elongated relief of a human spine that included a hint of a body that was terribly emaciated. It was supposed to be Art, but it didn’t appeal to me at all.

Once back outside, I thought about flying and how I am only able to do that in my dreams. Since this was not a dream, or so I believed, I was not willing to take the chance in the attempt because that could result in person tragedy. But ‘what if’ I thought. What if I really can fly even though I am not currently dreaming?

Deciding to take the chance I took a few running steps, held out my arms, and jumped. Well what do you know, I took-off. For some reason I didn’t fly for long, I think I was satisfied knowing that I really could fly in my non-sleeping state. Cool.

I found myself near the astroturf covered swimming pool again and had the crazy idea to fly over it. This would entail me taking a few running steps in the pool’s direction and then jumping off with trust that I would clear the pool and turf. Now I questioned myself because why ever would I want to take this chance since every time I thought I would be able to clear a swimming pool that was full of moss and algae in my dreams I would land in the water. These incidents were always nightmares.

I took the chance anyway and was able to fly. I cleared the turf-covered pool and flew and flew! Then I kept flying higher and was looping in and around mega rollercoasters and building tops. My flying height and speed was an incredible feeling, and I was able to fly for real!