I am fortunate to not only experience nightly dreams, but remember them in vivid detail. There is hardly a morning that I wake up thinking, hmmm… I didn’t have any dreams last night.

Dreams are absolutely incredible. They allow us to do new things and have new experiences. The best part of dreams is that we are often able to ignore the laws of physics as we know them. Perhaps this isn’t always the case with other individuals who remember dreams, but that is how mine work. We can have experiences and adventures within our dreams that are literally impossible to accomplish in the physical world of our conscious waking hours.

I already have many dreams written on paper, from long ago when there were no personal computers. Fortunately I saved them because there already exists a drawerful of dreams that I can write about.

The Dreams tab will grow with added dream experiences. Although one might wish that such technology exists where human beings can literally download thoughts and ideas, I’m glad there is no such thing…at least not yet. Those who love to write, love the process of writing and it is within this process that writers can always be creative in what we have to say, and how we want our message to be conveyed.

Stay tuned…