Big House

I seem to be having a number of recurring ‘series’-type dreams of a very large house. Sometimes the house belongs to my horse trainers, once the house was that of my parents, but most of the time the house belongs to Irene and I.

Not only is the house really big, like massive, but it is also situated on a huge lot. There have been a couple of dreams where the backyard area is lavishly kept and maintained but often the dreams take me to a specific house with a backyard that spans back at least a couple miles.

There are multiple ‘sections’ to this backyard and it includes a swimming pool, grassy area, baseball diamond and field, multiple tennis courts, some narrow and densely wooded paths, a small road, and a man-made fresh water lake at the base of a steep drop-off. This all belongs to me and my wife.

I have visited this house in-particular many times within the past several months of dreams. I don’t know how we acquired the house and am consistently surprised to find out something new about it. I don’t know why, but I keep going back to this house in my dreams and have no desire whatsoever to live in a large house.

It does intrigue me however the creative geography sites and architecture. Last night’s dream included an equally massive empty swimming pool with nothing but dry and wet dirt all around the first area of the yard and inside the waterless pool.

The Big House dreams have been recurring for a while now. But to me, they never generated enough curiosity to ponder and write about. I think it’s time that I start.