I started fling in my dreams when I was a child. The interesting thing about it is that as a child, my flight was high above in the sky. I would fly amongst the clouds and dip and rise at will. The feeling was incredible. Often I would go to sleep at night thinking about flying, with the desire to have a dream in which I did fly. Often, this focused thought would award me with what I had hoped for.

As I grew older, my ability to fly grew difficult and was not as frequent. I was not able to achieve the lift I wanted, and even if I did get off the ground, I would find myself slowly being pulled by gravity back down to the ground. As I flew during this period of my life there were people on the ground who would try to reach up and pull me down. It sometimes worked. When it did not, I would barely be able to keep a small distance between their fingertips and my body. Apparently this was a frustrating and challenging period of my life.

In my older years, I am once again able to fly amongst the clouds. I take risks and jump off buildings and mountaintops with the confidence that even if I am not starting lift from the ground, I will be able to fly once I throw myself airborne. Scary thought to do such a thing, but in my dreams it is exhilarating.

As I write, it is very interesting to see the obvious correlation with those dreams and the connection to periods of my life. While I might not have realized at the time the frustrating challenges during periods of my life, they were there and they were real.

Although there is still much to do, I am happy with my current level of confidence and personal satisfaction. I am able to freely fly again because I have allowed myself to soar. Try it sometime.