It’s Me

I was alone, and standing in an animal park, similar to the ones that used to exist some years ago where you stay in your car and drive through an area of (some) very dangerous and untamed animals while ‘free’ in their ‘natural’ habitat. This animal park was a walk-through park with equally dangerous animals roaming free. It was of course strange that the public were permitted to walk on a trail surrounded by animals that could attack and kill at any moment.

As I continued walking, I found myself in the ‘big cat’ section. Cats were pacing and eyeing me without trust. Public was instructed to not look directly at any of the animals. Eye contact could be perceived by the animal as a threat, and when animals are threatened, they are more likely to attack. There were many leopards, cougars, bobcats, and black panthers and as they rustled around and becoming more agitated that I was there, and I was now frightened for my life.

I decided to stop walking and try to become as non-threatening as I thought possible, so I crouched down to assume a low position until seated. There I found myself in the very big cat area. Large lions and lionesses were all around a few yards from the area of my feet. Off to the left were panthers and they were growling and pacing.

One full maned lion was lying the closest to where I was and he was just slow panting as lions often do, and he was looking at me. On a slowly defined exhale, I heard faint words coming from this lion. The words were not as humans speak, but rather in a similar sound of the breathy soft growl of a lion. The words that came from this lion were “It’s me”.

I looked at the lion whose eye gaze was locked on me and I said “Clyde, is that you?” The lion took another long slow breath and during his exhale said “Yes.” I cried, as he scooted up close to my side. Clyde was the Lion King that I always told him he always was. Large, majestic, and beautiful he was. From this moment I knew he would protect me, and the other surrounding cats knew the same as they all retreated from their prowl. The surrounding cats were no longer pacing. I was reunited with Clyde, and now protected and safe.