Oooh, I Like That Box!

Actually I don’t like that box, at all!

Pity that home architecture has taken the easy route by eliminating any real creativity in its design. What the bleep happened? Drive down, or through, most new housing developments and all you’re likely to see is different size boxes that consume almost every bit of purchased real estate.

Contemporary housing developments maximize real estate purchases with LARGE real estate boxes that have little or no yard and little or no driveway. Instead, contemporary housing essentially encourages ‘front doors’ that are accessed from the garage which lead directly into the house. The homeowner never needs to go outside! Awesome, who needs neighbors and community anyway? After all, it is all about me, and the car I drive, and what neighborhood my personal-space box is located. Off the shelf? Bite your tongue, we custom order everything!

Why bother going outside anyway, there is no yard for the kids to play in. But that is a minor and frivolous detail that the homeowner need not worry. Kids are too busy to go outside anyway because they are ‘on’ their personal device. Even though they may only be of elementary age, of course they have their own device. Why wouldn’t they? Technology is already here and it is our future, we gotta start these kids off young.

I love my life! I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want!

No thank you. My life is not about me or the dwelling in which I currently reside, or the car I drive, or my neighborhood, or my zip code. I got out of ‘self’ years ago and I’m happy and content with that.

My current dwelling?…whatever! One day I’ll be relegated to a box of some sort anyway, or at least my physical remains will be. I’m good.