In the realm of Quantum computing, there exists a state where positive and negative conditions are possible to exist simultaneously. Wild truth. Something that is possible doesn’t necessarily mean that it is outrightly conceivable, although fascinating nonetheless.

My fascination with the color green has, for the better part of my life, always been one filled with both affinity and disdain. Odd that such a ‘thing’ could have such a broad range of emotion. Of course there is a reason for this…there is always a reason. Fortunately more love than hate, at least now as an adult.

The olive variation of the color green is my favorite. I see it as a velvety color, subtle tone that produces a statement of creative non-conformity. It is my favorite color for any article of clothing, and even in the camouflage print I really, really like it. It’s usage in military and with cultural fashion has been equally successful for generations.

The ‘dark’ side to this color for me stems from a personal experience that happened to me when I was about 7 or 8 years old. The experience is not horrible or bad, but it was traumatic for me at the moment, and even to this day when I recall the event’s imagery, I shudder.

There will be many sub-pages that stem from this page, all personal. The sub-pages will include decades of dreams that resulted from my initial incident, all relating to the color green. Stay tuned…