There is No Escape

The title sounds creepier than the actual topic, or maybe not. Dust. There is no escape from dust, there just isn’t. Dust is everywhere, and everything makes and/or turns into dust at some point or another.

I started thinking about this the other day as I was dusting the furniture in my house. Even though I was was using a Swiffer 360 duster, I would still periodically take the duster outside to shake off any dust I collected indoors. That’s when it hit me (figuratively). Here I am shaking the dust off my duster in the environment where a lot of my dust comes from in the first place. Feudal.

So no matter what I do to eliminate outside dust from the inside of the house, short of living in a hermetically sealed indoor environment, outside dust will always re-enter. Hmmm, that was a frustrating realization. While we dust, we are ‘fighting’ a battle that cannot be won.

Holy moly! Now what? Suppose we never dusted the inside of our houses. Would we then one day succumb to a Pompeii-like demise? That’s a frightening thought.

Sure, dust comes from many other ‘things’ in existence, living and non-living. Even flakey dry skin becomes dust. So this means that keeping our house windows closed at all times will only minimize the amount of dust in the house. Outside dust will still enter, just not at the same rate.

As I ponder the totality of ‘dust’, the whole thought of it becomes rather gross. Therefore I am thinking at this point my best-bet is to not obsess over the unwanted particle/s that are all around me, lurking in every corner. We cannot escape.