Many Rooms, Many Views

I am in a house that is very large, and with many rooms. Most all of the rooms are unoccupied yet there is an sense of reverence to all of the rooms, occupied or not. All rooms have two entry/exit points at opposite sides of the room and in many instances, there are rooms that have never been visited or inhabited by anyone.

Often the house I am in is that of my parents, but not always. Sometimes the large house is the house of our friends, Mike and Kristi. More often than not the large house is located on the coast, and/or adjacent to a water source.

Sometimes the large house is new and still under construction but other times it is a very old house with expansive empty rooms. The house is always well maintained. The large old house is occasionally in dire need of TLC, or at least in need of some level of care. There is often an open-air room with an expansive floor, much like a large dance floor. There are no walls, but sizable square-edged pillars at the corners of the room. The floor is usually tiled in large alternating square colors. Leaves from surrounding trees have have blown in and dried on the floor. Sometimes there is a current breeze and the time of day is usually late afternoon/early evening and the sun is low.

There are times when I need to find a room in the house so that I can sleep for the night. Other times, I am simply wandering through the expansive house looking for ‘something’. What I am looking for, I do not know but I find myself walking very quietly through hallways and doorways because I do not want to make noise.

The situation I find myself in does not frighten me, but rather fills me with a sense of awe that grows with each new ‘discovery’. No one is ever with me as I navigate through the house yet I can sometimes hear voices of people in the ‘other room’, and I am aware they are at the house as well.

I have had multiple variations of this dream scenario and each is intriguing to me. What tends to stand out to me in each of the dreams is the expanse and the creative architecture of the house.

Things that make you go Hmmm…