The Most Comfortable Place

The sun seemingly floats in the distant sky at about 45° off the horizon. Golden it is and shining brightly in the cloudless sky, my face is warmed as I gaze in its direction.

Past the noon hour I am in no hurry to be anywhere. I don’t know the time of day and I don’t know the day of the week. It doesn’t even matter to me. A sense of calmness is in and around me. Nothing is plugged in, no one is talking, and no one is listening, except me. There is nothing for me to hear but the rustling of leaves from one nearby tree, and the tall dried grass that surrounds me and everything within sight.

The singular tree is old and its canopy is large. No doubt there have been many memories given to, and provided from, others whom it has encountered. Its leaves are palm sized and green, unchanged from any time of year. They move in wave-like fashion as the breeze modulates in force.

Gently, then with increase, its push is constant, kind and welcomed. And its coolness is complimented along with the soothing blanket of warmth provided by our closest star.

It feels good, my location, the sun’s place setting, the cool breeze, and the audible sound of all that is around me. Picture perfect it is, the plain on which I stand is mostly flat with a slight upward angle in the direction of the sun’s location. This plain ends with an abrupt, yet inviting cliff.

Everything is right and I am tempted to run toward its edge and leap. Unafraid I am with utmost confidence that the jump will set me free. There is no place more comfortable than the place I am in right now. Physically and emotionally, nothing could be better. It’s perfect.

I am compelled for the experience to come, and await the perfect time. The scene has presented itself many times and succumb I do, always. So I run, fast, and then jump far off the cliff. But I do not plummet. Instead I fly against the breeze with a lifted head and closed eyes in the light’s direction.

And everything feels beyond good, I am free.