The Canoe Outing

Having never been canoeing before I decided this was something I should try. I think I have always been somewhat of a ‘daredevil’ so this particular outing was not out of the ordinary as far as adventure goes except this time was different.

While canoeing along side of very high steep cliffs, I suddenly found myself in waters filled with stagnant water, and green moss. As typical, I froze and then thought to myself that I can do it, I can get through this horrible green mass. The look, the smell, the trapped bubbles just under the stagnant mossy water surface was something I didn’t want any part of.

As I continued to canoe my way through the water, I found myself suddenly in a precarious situation while in the canoe and my balance began to falter. I have been in this type of situation many times before, and each time, I have fallen into the green mossy water which always sent my head spinning out of disgust. This time would be different. I was not going to fall into the stagnant water. I was not going to allow the horrible looking, feeling, smelling water to overtake me.

It happened, I lost my ability to stay upright and tipped off to my left side and into the water. The sensation was horrific. I was reliving the green mossy lake experience again, yet this time, I was in river water.

The water, having been so deeply embedded with its dark green hue, did not allow me to see beyond the surface depths of where I fell overboard. The unknown of what lie underneath me, the thought of possibly inadvertently touching something deep within the waters that I could not see only added to my horror.

I relive that paralyzing emotional and physical sensation every time the ‘green mossy lake’ dream comes along. I am Haunted by them. This being the single most appropriately descriptive word for how I feel about these dreams.

Fortunately, I have always awoken.