My Steinway Was Defaced

I needed to move my Steinway out of the house since we were having new flooring installed throughout. For whatever reason I thought it was a good idea to temporarily store it on an elementary school grass lot. Not thinking of water, moisture or any other elements of nature that the piano would be exposed to, I had the piano moved.

The understanding with all teaching staff and students was that no one touched or played the piano and I trusted that all would be ok.

One morning after approaching the piano I was shocked to find the top of the Steinway was drawn on with colored grease pencils! I couldn’t believe it. My Steinway was defaced. The down emotion that I experienced was horrible. I was able to find out who allowed the grease pencil drawing, and let this person know they needed to do whatever they needed to do to make things right. I would need to approve the finished work and cost would be on their dollar. I was furious.

Was I ever happy to awake the next morning and realize it was all just a dream!