While we watched the stock market go into it’s eventual and realistic downslide the other day, I was reminded about what the stock market calls ‘Correction’. A correction is when the Dow Jones Industrial makes a necessary adjustment to it’s current total due to an unsustainable inflated growth rate and trend.  Realistically, the stock market cannot continue to rise without periodic consequence.  That’s just not how it works.  Certainly a growing economy is awesome, but one cannot expect a non-stop upward trend without periodic bumps along the way.

Typically, the stock market will experience a loss but not so much so that the entire economy is thrown into a helpless downward spiral.  It does appear that our market is faltering somewhat.  Impressively, it is hanging-on, at least for now.  The economy is experiencing a correction.

I was chatting with Irene the other day about this current correction.  During our conversation I realized that the current stock market ‘correction’ is something greater beyond goods and services alone.  Society is experiencing a correction, and it’s resulting outcome could be exactly what we, as a society, need to fully prosper going forward.

Surely every generation goes through similar societal changes during the span of lifetime that result in opinionated statements and comments. When we were younger, we would often think that our parents, or grandparents were just being ‘old-fashioned’ in their methodology. I remember thinking to myself ‘Don’t be a dinosaur’. I realize know that our elders knew what they were talking about.

I am in that age-reflective boat.

We are all at home. We are not going out to socially interact with others. When we must go outside of our house, our venture is out of true necessity.  We are careful and diligent with those we interact with and with things we touch. We are all doing a lot of thinking and self-reflection. Everybody is in this new situation where everything has changed. Our perspective on the small things in life and our interaction with them has changed. While at home, I find that I am thinking more about others who I know, and my typical interaction with those people whether they be family, friends, or merely acquaintances.

My guess is that everyone else is sharing a similar experience.  The entire world is going through a societal correction.  One where we look inward and raise our awareness to those around us, and for the level of gratefulness we receive as a result.  While I am not grateful for the pandemic,  I am grateful for the human-interactive adjustment that our society is forced to modify.  I am grateful, and hopeful that the world’s dive into inner-reflection will produce a positive result in the end.

Our fast-moving global economy has been forced to slow down, and this is a good thing.

It doesn’t matter ‘who we know’, the circles of friends with whom we interact, or what car we drive.  It does matter how our interaction with others is given and taken.  We have a chance here.  Our lives have been provided with a Pause button.  Where will we go, and what will we do with it?  We are human beings, we are one, and I am grateful.