In the Mountains, on a Bike

When I began writing about this dream I realized that much of it was very hard to put into words, yet I wanted to get something in print so I kept writing. Much of what is recalled is confusing to me, as dreams tend to be for many people. So I kept writing snippets of the dream without additional detail simply because there were so many pieces in this nocturnal puzzle of mine. I ultimately got to a point where details being recalled were coming at me too fast, so I put a pause on writing this one for a couple weeks. After revisiting this one at a later date, I decided to publish as-is. What is written is as convoluted as it can be, yet I still hold to the creative genius of the brain that creates these scenarios for us, while we sleep.

I was somewhere in the mountains, looked like Cedar Grove-type rising mountainous rock all around me. There were others with me, school colleagues and peripheral individuals.

It seems that I was moving to a new classroom, or perhaps a new school, I don’t know. All of my ‘stuff’ was with me and I needed to put everything in temporary racks/shelves located on the West-facing outside of a building. I knew this side of the building was West-facing because the sun shone brightly on this side and daylight was would soon become less as the sun continued to set.

School ‘stuff’ storage; climb high on racks; once up, I was somewhat frightened to make my way down; stored all of my stuff that still needed to be put away on the racks; at the base of a canyon, similar to that of Cedar Grove; My bike, trying to ride home and my chain broke; where’s Jimmy?, I thought; There were many people; took the bike back to camp (starting point) and fixed the chain; attempt to ride home #2 and chain broke again; back to camp; walk home?; Where’s Irene? sometimes home, sometimes with me; sun was going down; clouds arriving; huge thunderstorm approaching; we all hid under the ‘safety of a mammoth overhead wedged rock; looked menacing, it could fall and kill all of us in a split second; I was holding Bonnie; Fishermen during the day at the riverside; their feet were in soaking tubs as they fished; Procedure for using chain-repair equipment that involved a tan colored leather glove; no idea what to do; night was coming; Irene and Kim were completely focused with their tasks to fix the chain working in the large working room; someone became upset because I was getting help and not solving the problem on my own; we had to make a grey bondo-like substance to spread onto a certain film that new would end up using for the bike’s repair.