Moved by Music

There is something purely magical about the written Note. Music isn’t music unless notes are arranged into some type of ordered structure. It is the sequence and combination of musical notation, the pitch, that elicits emotion of every type.

This carefully calculated structure of organized pitch becomes the sound we hear. The music. The music of our lives.

I have an appreciation for all genre of music. It takes a certain type of creative artistry to compose music, and the artistry is what I appreciate in the process of creating any music.

While I enjoy most all types of music, my ultimate favorite is Classical. There is an unrivaled beauty in the genius of aesthetic sound produced from Classical music. Perhaps it stems from playing the piano and learning early on some composers along with their musical contributions. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, and Debussy were some of who I learned about and played. At a young age, I was playing simplified versions of their classical works.

Depending on what I am doing, I listen to Classical music being played in the background. There is a calm, soothing flow in the music and I am often emotionally moved. It free’s me, and I am compelled to stop and enjoy the moment. My breathing slows and becomes deepened. My emotion is pushed far into a direction it is supposed to travel, and I often feel as if I am flying through time and space of immediacy.

As in the individual perception of visual art, everyone is affected, or not, to varying levels of dissimilar manner. Perception is akin to fingerprints where no two are alike.

Music is no different. Symphony will transcend the listening audience, much like a good read into another place and time, only if we allow it.