I remember as a kid I thought the small white-fluffy blanket that my sister had was ‘rubby’ and better than the small blue blanket I had. ‘Better’ to me then was that it had a tactile feel to it that I liked. So I ‘stole’ it and refused to give it back. Kath relinquished it to me but I don’t know if she was’ encouraged’ by my parents or if she was just so generous that she handed it over to me.

The blanket was soft and lightly padded. The outer fabric had a directional weave to it such that when I closed my index and middle fingertips on it between my thumb, then move my fingertips and thumb in opposite directions, I would feel an interesting sensation. I was learning about texture.

For me it was like a science experiment in that I was noticing a difference in tactile sensation by moving my fingers and thumb in different directions. I tried opposing movement, angular, circular and anything in-between. One might think that I really didn’t know what I was doing, I was just a kid. Oh but I knew exactly what I was doing. I was analyzing tactile sensation against the directional weave of the light fabric.

I don’t think many children would even care about such a thing. But for me, it was big. I ‘cared’ differently because I was always analyzing – everything.

We learn through life that everyone is different and this ‘difference’ is magnified the more we learn. Very cool.

To some, the small things in life are small. For others, the small things in life are Big. For me, the small things in life are Monumental. Thanksgiving is everyday.