Friends Giving

The weather was perfect, as only nature and all things created can be.

I was invited to an event along with many friends and Irene lovingly to accompany me. Anticipation and excitement had me internally giddy because was because I would soon meet my friends whose names shall remain anonymous. The whole lot of these peeps were diverse in every way. Their faces and smiles were magical to see, in person. While some of my happy people friends traveled far, there was a greater number of happy people friends who lived relatively locally.

Some of my friends I was able to speak with quite a bit and unfortunately others not as much. There is always some point of justification, similar to consequence in that it could be positive or negative. In this circumstance, there are only so many minutes in one’s day, whether it be past, present, or future and in order to speak to all of them and as long as desired I would still be at the event long after its closure.

I probably should not have eaten anything throughout the earlier part of the day as the ‘food table’ was a total of three separate spreads. As usual, I stopped by the dessert spread before anything else. My second pass found more sweet stuff on my plate and, as Irene put it, some real food as well. I wished I had two appetites! One appetite would be specifically designated for sugar only, and the second appetite for ‘real food’. I am good with that order on any day!

The concept of moderation was a must for me due to my over-appreciative palate for sugar. Therefore after some time, I found myself avoiding the dessert table altogether to prevent its inevitable overconsumption which is something I have done my entire life. Fortunately my body has been able to process ‘junk’ very well without any major adverse health effects. However this clock is ticking and it is headed in the positively linear, as in progressive, direction. I’m not getting any younger, and there is no ‘going back’ therefore my avoidance efforts must be more than the fallacy of a similar statement as ‘Sure, I’ll get a handle on it one day’.

Hmmm, maybe I won’t though and then see how far I am able to toe the line. But I do realize the answer to that imaginary action plan is ‘uhh yea, I really must’! So I’ll be good to myself; for me, for Irene, and for Holly and Noel. They rely on me, I rely on me and I loathe self-imposed disappointment! Real food is tasty. What do you know, if I make the right choices it’s good for my health!

While everyone contributed and brought something to eat, this grateful bunch did much more than simply provide. They gave of themselves. Every last one of these generous people do this each and everyday. They give of themselves, to their family, and to those who know them well.

Never in any dream would I have imagined such wonderful people to share such a monumental piece of who I am, or who we are as friends, giving.