Time is a Man-Made Concept

Time is a man-made concept reducing the realities of multi-dimensional eternity, to a line.

I penned this statement about 25 years ago as I rode my bicycle on a one-way 17 mile trek, to and from work. I remember actually solidifying this sentiment on my ride home one early evening after work, as I approached a freeway overpass while cycling one of it’s crosstreets below. I was not intentionally trying to derive at this conclusion, it just happened, literally. Since then, I have felt strongly about it’s message and have have held on to it’s very essence ever since that time.

When we think of the passage of time, we ALWAYS think in linear terms. We think of something that has either taken place in the past, or should take place in the present. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this particular methodology of thought, I do believe that it does limit one’s ability to ‘think outside of the box’.

As generically conventional as the phrase may sound, ‘think outside of the box’, I can definitely understand and see the direct correlation to my statement. The simple phrase itself begs to relate with it’s nagging nemesis that encourages all of humanity to think abstractly.

What is it that prevents the human species from a methodology of thought that is open to unique abstractness? Uniqueness that is completely individualized. Who is to say that my reality is the same as your reality? This is what I am inadvertently making reference to,…an abstract perspective on individual, and wholistic reality.

I am certainly not stating or implying that we should ignore any aspect of our reality, and therefore question everything. There are certain laws of physics that precede ALL of our questionable thoughts and actions. And yet that statement alone opens yet another can of worms…

But I definitely think that we should question the typical norm. We need to ask ourselves if there is anything ‘out there’ that might be a-typical in the overall process of our independent formulation of everything that IS.

Let me come back to the concept of time…think about it…we ALL measure time as a linear construct. We understand, calculate, and organize our schedules on a linear time schedule. So therefore I come to ask in defeated frustration, is the linear concept of time the most efficient and appropriate methodologically cognitive path in which we should travel upon and pursue?

Yes, your answer will most likely be different from mine! There is no simple, prescribed answer. But your perspective on this topic will be a variable placeholder in the foundation of your future.