Sky 10/5/19

Always magical, the sky. This one sent to me by my very awesome friends. I have had many cloud images sent to me throughout the years, but have never kept any of them, because they weren’t mine. I am not collecting cloud pictures just to collect cloud pictures. The clouds I see move me, they are weaved into the moment and inspire me with wonder and awe.

When I take my cloud pics I never allow other imagery to interfere in the composition. No trees, bushes, planes, birds, houses, telephone lines…you get the idea…nothing else but sky. If this does occur in any of my pics, I crop the image to remove unwanted objects.

I did not do that with this picture for a number of reasons. Sure I wish there wasn’t a blurry hint of a finger in the upper right corner of the image, but for this pic I can live with it because it adds a spontaneous realness to the captured moment. And yes, there is foliage in the foreground however the foliage creates a striking visual contrast to the magnificence of the sky itself.

The picture is perfect, and absolutely beautiful. Thank you Mike and Lex!