This One or This One?

I capture and have thousands of these. Like fingerprints, no two are the same. For me, it’s never an easy selection on which Sky image to post because they are all so very spectacular. I’ll analyze and then analyze some more, each time narrowing down my selection, and then still cannot decide. A lot of visual scrutinization takes place until, there it is waiting patiently for me.

Just posted under the Sky tab is one such image.

Lookout or Lookout!

Some years ago we lived on a street named Lookout Avenue. We never thought twice about the name, it was simply the name of our street. When Drew came to visit at this particular location he, in typical Drew fashion, said “I can’t figure out if the name of your street is meant to be as ‘Lookout into the beautiful scenery’… Or is is meant to be “LOOKOUT!”, as if someone was in peril?

Oh Drew!


Yes both, but not all the time. If you are a puzzle master or wordsmith perhaps you’ve figured out the title of this post. Perhaps not.

There are times when actions in life are simple or easily achieved. Conversely there are times when the task is faced with nothing but challenges and roadblocks. I think life would be boring if everything was always ‘easy’. I don’t have time for easy. Actually I do have the time for easy but I find easy to be wasted time, sometimes.

I want the challenge. I want the challenge simply because I seek the accomplishment. A life of ‘easy’ is total sleeper. A life of challenge is met with excitement and gratitude once the ‘challenge’ has been successfully accomplished. I like that.

However life is not about me.

Slightly Marginalized

No. Marginalized is a condition that either is, or isn’t. It’s like making the statement or reference of ‘being slightly pregnant’. No such thing. However there are, or can be, levels within the condition of marginalization that either promote or demote individual populations. This can be for people, places, or things.

Marginalization occurs every day, all the time. The necessary question to ask is, ‘Do we partake in the act of…?’


This is one image I did not take. Just posted under the Sky tab is a recent image provided to me by a dear friend. This marvel, captured from the air. Those who know me well, know that I am enamored with Sky and it’s incredible, and unmatchable awe. Such beauty is what life is all about.

Lazy Geometry?

Sure, supply and demand often drive consumer design but are we now reacting to what drives us for consumer purchases? Or are consumer purchases driven by those who design? A little of both really. But there are societal and cultural shifts that take place as a result and it’s not always good.

Just posted under the Musings tab is a short essay titled ‘Oooh, I Like That Box!’ As I wrote the piece it opened up multiple avenues for potential discussion and debate. Perhaps you’ll find it interesting.