Binary perspective here… You either have it or you don’t. Virtue is a thing. Intangible yes, but it’s still a thing. It is defined as a behavior showing high moral standards. An individual quality or characteristic that is considered morally good. The word is not often used but it is one of my favorites. Virtue sounds virtuous. This is definitely something worth reaching for, even if it’s challenging.

Perhaps today you will pass it along.

My Hula Hoop

I don’t have one, but I did as a kid. I remember really wanting a hula hoop because I thought they were so cool but I was never successful at maintaining the spin on my waist. It ended up being a large wheel that I would use for my backyard ‘physics’ experiments.

The person who invented the hula hoop concept must have been some kind of scientist or physics person. Perhaps not professionally, but there was obviously a lot of intellect behind it all.

Recently a good friend of mine used the analogy of a hula hoop to a ‘circle’ of friends. There are some people one lets in, and others not. They stay on the ‘outside’ of the hoop because they are not allowed ‘in’. This decision is not often taken lightly, it all depends on truth and trust of both parties.

Character Counts! There is nothing wrong with being selective of who is allowed into one’s hula hoop of friends.

Some Days, Sky

Some days are wonderful. Some days are not. Influence is something we either provide to, or receive from, some-one or some-thing. Life is a give and take circumstance, and our influence on others must not be taken lightly. Words matter. Action matters. Just posted under the Sky tab is yet another impressive beauty of visual nature which had great influence for the big picture of my life, today.


Voraciousness is good, if targeted toward an honest and healthy purpose. I’ve always said that “I’m a voracious reader.” That I am however will sometimes get bogged down in my own reading activity. Since being on Christmas Vacation (shun to any ‘Winter Break’ reference), I have purchased 5 non-fiction books. That will be my limit for now, even though every one of them will be read in simultaneous manner. Even I’ve got limits sometimes but 5 books has been my tops. While information is ‘power’, it’s not power that I seek. I simply want a better understanding of this world we all live in. With that I say, ‘Don’t be a dabbling bystander in life.’ Become an active participant in your role, your purpose, your meaning of being, in this wonderful thing called life.

Holly is a Complete Nut!

She bursts out the back door like her hair is on fire. Fur actually. She’s a Golden Retriever puppy who’s 1-year old stature is full grown, we think. Most everything is still new. All of the surrounding sensory providing input creates a seemingly endless stimulation of excitement. We love all of this puppy energy! It is often exhausting for her people parents because when she gets-up from any rest, there is always exercise involved for her and for us. With this, she is our welcomed responsibility, to love, care for and provide. This isn’t our first rodeo and we are well familiar with all stages of canine life. However the circle isn’t complete without its experiences, so we cherish every our every day with our canine clown.

Intensely Shiny Red Apple

Yesterday an identified Gifted student of mine, who is insanely intelligent, came up to me near the end of the day and posed this scenario and question…

“Visualize a red apple. This apple is the most intensely bright and shiny red apple you have ever seen. No other apple compares to this one. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest score, what number would you rate this apple?”

My answer was simple, “10.”

My student’s shoulders slumped with slightly bowed head, and then let out a soft groan of frustration. When I asked if there was anything ‘wrong’ with my answer the student replied “Well no!, I can’t imagine rating it any more than a 2.” My student then walked away in a cloud of self-disappointment.

Since it was at the end of the day, and the question was irrelevant to anything we were learning, I didn’t pursue. But it did get me to think and wonder where such a seemingly irrelevant question stems from, and how this comes into play with my student’s mindset at the time.

I was left with many unanswered questions. The human psyche is far more complex than we can even imagine, or give credit towards. Simply astonishing!


We know the word’s definition, yet it is an intangible verb. I wonder what the body’s physiological biochemistry readings and imagery look like when we are in that actual state of relaxation and/or its opposite. I think I just created a self mini-research for the day. I’m sure there is data and best of all, images. Sounds cool already, at least for me. Wandering thoughts, ideas, and possibilities will often send me on a tangential search for connections-to-experience findings.

All of this sounds nothing like reaching a state of relaxation. At least I have an intentional goal.

Fly Away Home

As a child, I could never understand how my dad could wake up at 3a everyday so he could read the newspaper. At that age, waking up early instead of ‘sleeping in’ was incomprehensible. Like clockwork, he did this all the time.

I have since found much satisfaction waking up early. This time for me is completely unhindered by anything else so that I can play the piano, read, write, and exercise. It’s also a time for me to simply think, without any interrupting tasks or thoughts before my day ‘begins’.

This morning, the wonderful 1996 movie titled Fly Away Home came to mind, and at the time I wasn’t sure why it had.

Today, I get to attend a Celebration of Life for my sister-in-law, Celia. Today is the day where she will be able to freely fly away home as those who know and love her will also be there to send her off, to home.

Now I know who sent my morning thought. Spread your wings Celia, and Fly Away Home.

All of These Lines Across My Face

The 2007 song titled The Story, written and sung by Brandi Carlile begins with those words: All of these lines across my face…

I learned of this artist and song about a month ago while listening to a morning host on Sirius radio. Where have I been? What else have I missed? Why did I miss so much? No matter, as artifacts from my life, even ‘old’ to me are new. It’s pretty cool to experience for me, as I am an active biological participant in present-day linear time.

When I was younger, lines across anyone’s face was not something I cared to see, let alone the thought of my own lines one day.

It’s different now. All of these lines across my face, tell me the story of who I am. I earned them for sure and those lines are a pleasure to share with those I know.

Take a good look into the mirror.