Welcome to December

They come and they go, months that is, as with everything else in our presence within linear time. Here we are, gratefully again in December. Not for any reason other than we’re here, you are reading this. My students were so excited yesterday because they knew that ‘tomorrow is December!’

There is something magical about this month, however this magic is sometimes overshadowed by memories of what/who once was. I am not at all discounting those individual memories because it is those memories that make us, us. That in itself is super cool!

Today is the first day of the last month of our year Two thousand, twenty-one. Yikes! I remember, what seems like yesterday, when I thought ‘the year Two Thousand was coming up!’ Now the year 2000 is ‘history’ to my students.

That’s fine.

I’m good with December 1, 2021 and look forward to what this day will deliver, to everyone. Be gettin’ ready!

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