The Phrase

Years ago in the mid 1980’s, when ‘fitness’ and ‘working out’ had become super popular, mega gyms were opening up everywhere. I guess society needed this at that time, because it was all about ‘the look’. Remember Jordache jeans? Oh my!

This movement in health and fitness and ‘the look’ was, at least in my view, aimed at people in their 20’s. I think at that time even 30 was regarded as ‘old’, at least in my mind. No, no, no… I wasn’t even going to watch Thirty-Something on TV, I couldn’t relate.

I did join a 24-hour gym however and decided to do something with the look of my physical body. As a kid I was always a little thick, especially when was in upper elementary. I remember being devastated when I found out that I weighed the second most in the entire school. I knew that because there was a very large guy in my grade level who was very funny and really nice. Not that I was huge, because I wasn’t, but I was definitely ‘Husky’ and I was also rather short.

Once I finally grew taller in late Junior High and High School, I most definitely ‘stretched’ and soon became the antithesis of husky. Now I was skinny and loved it. There would be no way I would ever be thick, or husky again in my life if I had any control over the matter.

The people who worked at the gym were actually there to help you, and they cleaned all the time. The equipment and facility was maintained and immaculate. Gym staff always wore matching shirts with some kind of motivating phrase on it. The shirts and phrases would change from time to time to keep things current but there was one phrase that was once worn and it has stuck with me to this day.

You are either striving to make yourself better, or allowing yourself to get worse.

Hold on to that one, and make your own decision on which option is best.

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