One Liter

Years ago, I penned the phrase ‘We do not stop, nearly enough, to observe the unobserved. -Sky’ I created that statement as I started noticing the beauty of clouds in our skies.

As I was drinking my AM Liter of water this morning this is what I saw.

There was only one light on in the kitchen where I stood as it was still early. The composition of the image is fascinating, complete with the semi-translucent cup and the shadow of fingers from my left hand. I always drink my liter of water in the morning, typically with the same lighting situation but I have never noticed such a visual phenomenon whole doing so. I knew I needed to capture this coolness in a pic. The only detail that I wish could have been included is the shadow of my right hand fingers as well.

It’s always interesting to entertain perceptions from a different perspective. What do you see? Perhaps a tunnel, a concert stage setting? Today, take time to observe the unobserved and allow yourself to see everything you have never seen before. Leave a comment if you are so inclined.

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