How Much Time is Left?

“How much time is left?” I hear this from my students often. My response to them, “Let’s worry about the here and now.” Yet, this question is one that is weaved into the fabric of who we are, and our place on this earth.

How much time is left? I for one, am glad that I don’t know that answer as it pertains to my life. Rather, not knowing puts me in a place where I can envision a glass that is perpetually half-full. There is so much more to say, and do. There is so much opportunity for anything and everything. Possibilities are endless.

If we are constantly ‘worried’ or concerned about the end of our time, then we do not allow ourselves the gift of the moment. Linear time as we know it is unforgiving, and therefore is always scribing what is immediately considered history.

There are immediate benefits to living your life for today. Embrace it. Do not wait…NOW is the time. Live.

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