It Must Be Difficult

It must be difficult to grow old. It happens…to everyone.

I watched a documentary last night on the life of Glen Campbell and his slow demise into Alzheimer’s disease. His last song was titled I Won’t Miss You. Because anyone with Alzheimer’s won’t. They slowly lose their memory until they know no one. Obviously the pain is left with loved one’s who will miss the one who is cognitively drifting away.

But what about others who’s physical bodies erode, and mental ability lessens. They think they are still 100%, but they are not. Physical ailments become more numerous and more frequent and loved ones do their best to make things work with those who are ailing.

It must be very hard to be in this situation. Makes one wonder if instant death is the ‘best way to go’. I wonder what it must be like to be in the shoes of those who experience this kind of slow demise. It must be difficult to forge ahead in everyday life, knowing that the ravages of linear time is not going to reverse. Certainly not an enviable position. Yet we all know that the end is ‘near’. Is the uncertainty comforting or discomforting? I think it’s actually both.

Hang on to everything possible. Allow others to help you when necessary. Appreciate the fact that you opened your eyes this morning, and celebrate life.

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