How Long Does it Take to Catch a Fish?

I started writing an essay yesterday about the artistic and creative influence my mom has had on my life. As is most always the case when I write, recalling the events which lead to the point of my essay, I find that the recall of memories keep growing as I ponder.

When I started writing the essay, I had originally planned to publish by today, but then was reminded of a phrase that my friend Drew used to say…’How long does it take to catch a fish?’ The answer is, there is no answer. One doesn’t know. It happens when it happens. One cannot rush art. One should also not segment art, but that the act of segmenting art is for another post on a different day.

I therefore allowed myself after writing more about mom today, to save the Draft and wait until the essay itself is ready to publish. I cannot and should not publish the essay if it is not ‘ready’. I’m also careful to avoid perfectionism here because there is no perfect essay. However, setting something ‘down’ and allowing it to simmer is probably often a good thing for us all to practice.

So perhaps this is something we could all do today. Allow the simmering process to occur more often than not. Sounds to me like this idea could be a good entry point for a calmer day.

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