NEW Words, New Phrases

Time-Shift, Blame-Shift, Social Distance, Alternative Reality, Alternative Facts, Mis-Remember…Really?

If you have ever read the iconic book 1984 by George Orwell, you know that new words and/or phrases are created by those who NEED to control reality based on the overall desire of the system in Power. A system created by those who NEED to document a current social situation by changing the norm into something that is OK.

If one wants the current condition of social norms to remain intact then history is on course based on what is allowed to occur.

Yikes everyone! For those who see BEYOND the self-serving individualistic approach to living, then you realize that this type of mindset is NOT one that is realistic.


Do the right thing! Lean in to what you know to be true!

Do not become part of a current trend that contributes to, and seems to embrace a new Edition of the American English dictionary. We want to avoid the possibility of adding words such as ‘doubleplusgood’, and then ultimately eliminate true words of value. That is called Newspeak.

Words are words. One cannot make up new words or phrases based on false truths.

I am uncomfortable with words and/or phrases that are introduced simply to address a false positive based on a hunch, or collective ‘gut’ feelings.

At the very least words should be used properly, not very strongly.

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