Fall in Late Spring

The weather is always interesting. When I was a kid, one could pretty much be sure that weather patterns would follow the general ‘norms’ of what one could expect from the change of seasons. Ok, some people say that ‘seasons’ don’t really exist in Southern California. But that statement is not true. Seasons DO exist in Southern California, they just exist differently than they do in other parts of the country/world.

The past week has been unseasonably cool for us at this time of the year. But that really isn’t anything new since weather patterns have been changing for a number of years now. A couple days ago it was cloudy and cool all day long. Yuk. I don’t like those days. They make you feel kind of drab.

Yesterday however the sky looked as it does after rainfall, and the clouds begin to clear. The air was cool, but the clouds were assuming ever-changing patterns and shapes that were spectacular to view. I shot many images of the sky yesterday, but the one posted under the Sky tab struck me as one that needed to be posted.

Simply beautiful.

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