I have written before about how often I dream, nightly. I have so many dreams that my list of dreams to write about just keeps growing. If only there were more than 24 hours in the day 🙂

The night before last I had another flying dream, those are always so amazing. One of the dreams I had last night solved an at-home technical issue that I have been trying to solve for already a few days. The problem may sound silly, but here goes…

Bonnie, our golden retriever (brother Clyde of course) does not like when my wife and I watch tennis on television. I’m not sure exactly what sounds she doesn’t like about it, but tennis ‘sounds’ greatly agitate her. There is no leaving the volume low and it will be ok, because it won’t. She could be in a deep sleep and if we start watching tennis on tv, she immediately wakes-up, breathes heavily, and wants to climb up on the couch. She is clearly disturbed by tennis.

So how do we enjoy watching tennis on television? Earbuds!..but it’s not that simple because our television, although only about 2 years old, does not pick up a Bluetooth signal from the earbuds, because the earbuds are device-only buds.

Yesterday I tried mirroring my device to the tv while my earbuds were connected to the device. Only thing is that either the mirror and sound would work but both on the tv only. Audio was cut from my earbuds because I was now mirroring to the tv. When I tried to reconnect my earbuds, the mirrored visual signal was cut and went back to my device. Strike two and three.

The dream I had last night solved the issue. We can watch tennis on the tv, and mute the sound. Then, we can also ‘watch’ the same broadcast on our device and simply use our earbuds for device sound. While this solution isn’t perfect, it will work! It was very cool to wake-up this morning with a ready-made solution to this technical issue. All I had to do was get a good night’s rest.

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