The Beach or the Zoo?

My dad turned 84 today and I was fortunate to speak with him on the phone. Every year on this day when I see and/or speak with him, he tells me the story of when I was a kid and on my birthday was given the choice to go to the zoo, or go to the beach. I chose the zoo. My dad likes to tell me this story as he always starts to laugh when he gets to the part that my brother and sister were mad at me because they wanted to go to the beach. It was a nice summer day, and the beach would have been perfect. I wanted to see the animals at the zoo. I loved the zoo.

I remember that day well, and there was of course a lot of walking on that hot summer day. I didn’t care though, I was sharing my birthday with my dad at the zoo. I was his birthday present some years earlier and he will always be my birthday present too. Happy Birthday Dad, I love you! 🙂

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