Life is Good!

Clyde crossed Rainbow Bridge earlier this evening. He was our 11 yr., 8 month old golden retriever and he LIVED each day during those years as if it were his last!

We are all blessed with gifts whether we know it or not. Clyde was one of those gifts, and Irene and I KNEW it. We always referred to him as ‘The King of Cuddles’. There was never a time when he would not want us to hold and pet him…ever. He was always there by our side whenever we made the request, and even when we didn’t.

Clyde was the definition of Golden Retriever. He LOVED water and would always want to swim in water whenever possible, and he LOVED to retrieve…anything! THE most favorite activity that Clyde always enjoyed was playing with ‘The Flip’. He would drop everything for the Flip, which was simply a frisbee flying disc. I could throw the disc long and hard and he would put on his gas to run and catch it over his left shoulder each and every time. He was an absolutely amazing disc catcher.

At our house, Irene and I always made reference and connection to The Lion King being the reflective life of Clyde. The Lion King is one of my favorites of all time specifically for the reason being Clyde. As prophetically sad as it was, we loved ‘The Circle of Life’, and especially ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ as the innocence of a young cub just longed for the day to have the respect of a grown-up. We were never naive to the fact that one day Clyde would have to succumb to the Circle’s closure. Today was that day.

Clyde, we had always known that you were the King that you had always aspired to be. ‘Oh, I just can’t wait to be King!’…You are the King, Clyde. You are the Lion King!

Life is Good! We are all grateful that you showed that loving sentiment to us every single day.

Thank you Clyde. Thank you for the endless love you gave to everyone! Bonnie and Noel will miss you great big! We love you bunches and bunches! We’ll be right back!

One thought on “Life is Good!

  1. teridowdee August 25, 2020 / 9:48 am

    Dolph & Irene,

    Clyde was blessed to have chosen you for his parents! He was indeed a special pet! I share your loss & pray for healing. I love you both.⭕️❌

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