Do You Make Any Money?

When I tell people that I have a website where I simply write, I sometimes get asked “Do you make any money from it?” I think those who ask are somewhat puzzled when my response is No, that is not my intention.

I guess the internet these days is a viable option to make money, whatever amount that may be. For me, making money from my website has never been the intention. It never will be.

Another question I will get asked is “How many followers do you have?” Unless one is a frequent flyer of social media, of which I am not, one wouldn’t even know what a ‘follower’ is. I don’t care if no one sees my website. Sure I will sometimes point those who I know to it’s URL, but there is typically a reason for doing so.

I write for me, and anyone who likes to read. There are no goofy video clips, no commentary on what someone else said or did. None of that. This is all about me. Hmmm, that statement sounds selfish but it’s not. Think of it like a diary of personal thoughts and memories. I think of it like music in that it does no one any good if it’s not shared with others.

One thought on “Do You Make Any Money?

  1. Teri Dowdee October 28, 2020 / 1:30 pm



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