More, We Should Provide

If we didn’t want more from our life, from our day, there would be no point in anything.  I think it is incumbent upon us that we help to develop that hunger for more, in ourselves and in those around us.  Think about how often we feel dissatisfied with a specific result, a movie, a book, a conversation, or left out from a certain interaction or situation.  That feeling is one of emptiness, one that sparks the desire to want more.

Typically, when we want ‘more’ the desire comes from a sense of selfishness, and that is never good.  Unless the selfishness is the root of providing more for someone else so that they do not experience the same void of satisfaction.

I think we should want more for our day and for our lives.  This desire will lead to become the driving factor in providing more for everything around us.  Our day’s arena is filled with so many possibilities to provide more in everything we do and everyone we encounter.  There is an infinite amount of ‘more’ out there for us to take, and for us to provide.

Provide more than you take today and see how many smiles you make 🙂

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