My birthday was yesterday, July 11. I was born on my father’s birthday which I’ve always thought was pretty special. My dad, the youngest of 10 kids, was born on one his sister’s birthday, 7/11. So I shared my birthdate with my dad and one of my aunts, cool. 3.

I remember when I was growing up and one of the neighborhood kids birthday was on 7/11. I even remember her name, Debbie. It’s always exciting for kids when they learn that a friend shares the same birthday! 4.

When I was in college, I found out that my very good friend whom I met at Art Center also had his birthday on 7/11. Crazy I thought. Irene and I still stay in touch with Mike and his wife Lexi. It’s great to know your friends for so many years. Lexi went to Art Center too, and Irene and I have known them both for almost 40 years, and counting. After Irene and I moved into our current home, we found out that our neighbors directly across the street from us had twins in high school and their birthday was 7/11. 7.

The ranch where we board our horses had many clients who would all ride together every Saturday, and some during the week as well. One of the newer clients at the time, Mary also shared the 7/11 birthday. This was all so very bizarre. I had never known anyone who knew so people in their lives that shared the same birthday. 8.

After I moved to a new school within the district, I found out that one of the teachers at this new school and one of the noon aides were also born on July 11 too! 10.

Ten. Based on my life so far, I don’t believe that this 7/11 ‘coincidence’ will end. I for one don’t even believe in coincidences. Ok, then what’s the deal? Is there something to this that needs to be revealed? My curiosity is already elevated, now all I need is more patience.

One thought on “7/11

  1. Jeanette Chappell August 5, 2021 / 8:53 pm

    Well, don’t I feel left out not being the 11th with y’all! Honestly though, as fun as it would be to be in your cohort, I love my 13 and a, happy enough just to share July and be that close : )


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