Some people come and go from our lives. Some people come into our lives and then leave by choice or circumstance. Some come into our lives and never leave by choice or circumstance. Then there are some people who leave and many years later are reconnected with us usually by choice, but not always.

Those who we reconnect with after many years of disconnect are often met with joy. I was reconnected yesterday with someone who I call my ‘Texas mom’. We spoke on the phone and aside from the many years of disconnect, it was like I just talked with her last week. We had a wonderful conversation and tried to catch-up as much as possible in the ten minutes I had left before the start of a meeting.

It wasn’t easy to find Alice, but I did. The voice and conversation was wonderful. Irene and I have so much to catch-up on with our Texas mom. We know her children who of course are all grown up now. We experienced a lot of life together and I am looking forward for the three of us to have our continued conversation, today.

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