Keep it Clear

I have written about this…the ‘habit’ of becoming overwhelmed by the things of life. Home life, work life, social life. We live in this age of instant information access and instant communication. While convenient, these conveniences are also a ball and chain. The phrase ‘Know When to Say When’ is far reaching. That ‘slogan’ if you will can fit into anything we do. There is a time and a place when we should and should not act upon impulse. For some that is easy, for me and for others it is a challenge.

Intensity. Intensity stems from the desire to be ‘good’, as in competent. Better than good, … perfect. Perfection is achieved in our minds through intense, consistent work. ‘If I don’t do it, no one else will.’ I can control the situation… or can I?

Control and intensity produces perfection.

It does not. While ‘control’ is relative, ‘intensity’ is inside our being, and ‘perfection’ is out of our realm.

Control + Intensity = Perfection

Notice the ‘equal sign’ is not in line with the Equation. That’s because it’s not an equation, there is nothing equal about it. Therefore it is no more than an Expression, an unbalanced one at that due to the infinitesimal impossibility of Perfection.

So why cloud our brains with the impossible Expression? Such a simple statement, such a difficult statement to try and answer.

Perspective. Relative. Keep it clear. There is only one brain in our heads and while we have the ability to think logically and intelligently, we can easily cloud our brains with cyclical pondering that produces no satisfactory concrete result outside of the abstract.

Just, keep it clear.

One thought on “Keep it Clear

  1. Teri Dowdee October 27, 2021 / 3:33 pm

    A lot easier said than done!


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