Caught in a Reflection

While attending Art Center, a Transportation Design instructor once said, “Designing the looks of a car is all about controlling it’s reflection.” At Art Center, our observation skills were sharpened in every sense. This included, but certainly not limited to: Line, Form, Placement, Positive/Negative Space, Scale, Proportion, object Light Source (type and direction), Surface/Finish, and so much more. The refinement of these skills definitely brought observation to a new level of visual scrutiny within each one of us.

There is something about reflection that absolutely captivates me.

The other day when I was readying my Steinway for morning play, a certain reflection caught my eye. After I removed its cover, opened the front lid, raised and positioned the sheet music stand, and opened its keyboard cover, this is what I saw.

Most people would likely overlook the subtle key reflection on the back panel. I’m not like most people.

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