It’s Not Rocket Science

At times, a reminder is necessary. Rocket Science, something that is very difficult to understand and requires an incredible degree of knowledge to properly implement. I am not a rocket scientist, therefore thoughts and actions should be balanced with the given moment.

While pulling out of the driveway one day, my line of sight became inline with that of the front leading edge of our lawn. The sprinklers had just commenced their cycle, over to my right I noticed that one of the half-circle sprinkler heads was not perfectly aligned to the area of grass it was supposed to water.

On one edge of the half-circle, the water spray was a couple inches back from the grass’ edge that it was supposed to be covering. Move sight to the opposite edge of the half-circle and water spray was beyond a couple inches from the grass’ edge that it was supposed to be covering.

From there I stopped the car to go fix the misaligned issue. I made the small necessary adjustment, walked to the leading-edge of the grass, knelt and examined the spray, then determined there needed to be a second adjustment.

Back to the sprinkler head, I now fine-tuned my original adjustment. Once completed, I again walked to the grass’ leading-edge, knelt and examined the spray. No good. A slight adjustment was still necessary to make it perfect.

Determined, I began my third walk to the misaligned sprinkler head. At this point Irene lost patience, lowered her car window and said to me, “It’s not Rocket Science.” That’s all I needed to hear so that I could ‘let it go’. I returned to the car, then proceeded to head-off to wherever it was we originally set to travel.

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