The Overcast Day

The sky today is overcast and to me it seems quiet outside. When I was a kid I had always equated overcast days with an impending something, and that ‘something’ always left me feeling uneasy. Although I could never pinpoint the uneasy feeling I did always wonder what it could be. Perhaps I was anxious over nothing. Perhaps I was a miscellaneous recipient or bystander during a difficult or challenging experience. Perhaps there is no correlation to any event and my imagination just did its thing.

Thoughts are awesome. We could play them in our minds as if we were reading a story in a book. We could ponder internally, we or write about them to keep record. Thinking however that thoughts should not be treated as discarded material.

It took an overcast day for me to write about this. Short piece, contemplative words used in a string we call, sentence.

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